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Is Workaholism Always Good For You? Know, How It Disrupts Your Physical, Mental And Emotional Health

by Healthnews24seven Desk

Being passionate about your work and finishing work before deadlines are good habits. But the trait of your personality starts dominating you then it is called Workaholism. It is a state of being engaged in work for a long time continuously. Such people are called workaholics. Such people spend most of their day thinking or doing work, and become victims of the workaholic syndrome.

You must have got the advice many times to work like a ‘workaholic’. However, in some new findings, it is found that being a workaholic is not a good thing. In life, if you work incessantly, it causes fatigue both mentally and physically. It is important to note here that not being a workaholic doesn’t amount to being complacent. The essence here is that we need to balance work and life. Today, in this article, we will discuss Workaholism, its effects and remedies.

 Signs of being a workaholic:

  • People who are more passionate about their work than anything else
  • For such people, work and career are everything.
  • They usually do not give time to family, entertainment or friends.
  • They lack the balance in their personal and professional life. Their personal relations get deteriorated due to work.
  • They don’t like leisure time.
  • Working long hours in the office even when not needed.
  • Lack of sleep in the pursuit of completing a project or task
  • Be passionate about professional success.
  • They fear failure at work.
  • They have a defensive attitude towards your work.

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What problems do workaholics face?

Those who fall prey to this syndrome, have the intoxication of working continuously.

  • If they don’t have a to-do list, they get baffled.
  •  They are available for their colleague or boss even on holidays.
  • These people lack trust in their colleagues or team for any work.
  • For them, work is everything; for such people, there is no celebration in the family, festival or spending time with friends.
  • These people work even at the cost of their health.
  • Such people do not accept their mistakes easily. They often find some excuse when they commit a mistake.
  • Besides, they also micromanage things more than required management.

 How Workaholism affects your health?

Workaholism affects physical, mental and emotional health due to the following reasons:

  • Workaholics are under stress most of the time due to work.
  • Due to overwork their breathing and sometimes heart rate also increases.
  •  These people become irascible and depressed due to long work hours.
  • Sometimes other physical problems occur due to lack of sleep.

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  • Two workaholics in a relationship are unable to handle the relationship after some time and this creates a mental agony.
  • They do not suffer alone, but the lives of all the people associated with them also get disrupted.

How to tackle this situation?

  • Frame a routine of work and also set an ‘end time’ alarm.
  • Plan activities and try to spare time for personal life after work hours. Make time for friends and family after work.
  • Take time off for vacation and take a break from work.
  • Besides your main work, it would be better to follow any of your hobbies.
  • If necessary, do not hesitate in taking the help of a psychologist.