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Ways to Get Rid of Anxiety

by Madhushree Ghosh
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  • How to Recognize Anxiety
  • What Triggers Anxiety in Us
  • How to Get Rid of Anxiety

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Anxiety is a constant feeling of fear about every single thing in life that comes to your way. It is one type of intense and persistent fright feeling, which could make you ill or initiate several health disorders if untreated for long. This is a mental health disorder that comes with an ongoing feeling of worry. This feeling is bad enough to hamper your life entirely and must get rid of soon by any probable way. Here are some recommended discussions on how to deal with anxiety, let’s check it out below-


How to Recognize Anxiety?

We all have some fear in life which deeply rooted in our mind, but that doesn’t mean we have an anxiety disorder. Before going for the treatment of his mental illness, you must be sure that do you have anxiety or not. To do so, one must recognize the true symptoms of anxiety, which are as follows-

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  • extreme and constant worrying
  • having a feeling of restlessness
  • sense of agitated
  • being fatigue
  • having difficulty in concentrating
  • feeling of irritability
  • having tense muscles
  • having sleep issues
  • going through with panic attacks
  • avoiding social interaction
  • having irrational fear
  • and keeping yourself back from starting any new venture

What Triggers Anxiety in Us?

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To get rid of Anxiety, you must know what triggers anxiety in us, and once we recognize those causes; it will be easier for us to deal with it. Some situations, which may cause this feeling of anxiety, are-

  • If you have mental trauma for the death of someone in the family
  • Having work stress for long
  • People with low self-esteem personality
  • If you have some ongoing worry about something
  • Thinking of the poor financial situation
  • If you have a genetic predisposition
  • Having a hormonal imbalance in your body
  • If you have any painful history and remind it often
  • And being afraid of future

How to Get Rid of Anxiety:

To deal with the signs of anxiety and get rid of it completely, you need to go behind some expert tips attentively and they are as follows-

  • Find out your unhealthy habits and change them soon
  • Eliminate unhealthy junk and harmful foods from your eating list
  • Include healthy and mood-enhancing foods in your regular diet
  • Exercise daily, especially which are skilled in relieving from stress
  • Practice breathing exercise and mediation regularly
  • Involve yourself in some habits which make you happy like singing, dancing, painting, etc.
  • Spend time with your family and friends more often
  • Boost vitamin D in your body by exposing under direct sunlight
  • Stop overwhelming yourself with excessive stress
  • Get enough rest and sufficient sleep every day
  • Control the thoughts which play as the source of anxiety in your mind
  • Ask for help from some positive people and try to spend time with them
  • Get help from therapists and practice the rumination of mindfulness under their supervision
  • Look out for natural remedies for anxiety and also try some certified medication if possible
  • And Try visualization therapy in mind to get rid of the feeling anxiety efficiently like an expert.