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Sugar cravings? Follow these tips to control yourself

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Do you very often have sugar cravings? If yes, then this is the best content for you. Sugar cravings are common. People often prefer eating something sweet very often. In general, this craving gets much stronger after meals.

Some people often get the same strong craving every hour of two. There is nothing wrong with eating sweets, but you should control the craving factor. Excess of sugar can lead to diabetes. So, the next time you feel like reaching for a soda every two hours, take time to control it.

People often have access to sugary snacks in one form or the other. It could be in the form of sweet candy, chocolate bar or even a sweet dish. Sugar is an excess amount of carbohydrate. Excess carbs are never good for your body. It does not much protein or fats. This is one reason eating sugary candy can keep you fuller for long hours.

Sugar tends to satisfy your hunger for a specific period. It provides an instant energy boost as well. This is why giving up sugary food is not easy for anyone.

Giving up eating sugary foods all of a sudden is never possible. Sometimes people often are unable to do this for their lifetime. You need to follow the tips given here below in this article.

The Real Reason behind the Sugar Craving

Sugar is one of the very rare taste, that everyone prefers ever since childhood. This may also be your first taste in life. for some, it can be their lifetime love as well. As per experts, sugar releases a special type of enzyme that controls the mood. Sugar has a specialized type of carbohydrate.

The moment you eat sugar endorphins is released. These are linked to relaxing our mood and mind. If exceeded in percentage, then it will also calm you mentally. It offers a feeling of being high. The real reason behind liking sugary food is that people often love the taste.

If this happens you may always get the sugar craving getting much stronger. If you are surrounded by best treats, then the craving part may even keep getting stronger. The problem is not the craving, but the fact that follows these cravings.

Sugar Cravings

Excess sugar is never good for your health. Sugar is just not in the form of sugar, it is also present in many other types of foods – bread, sauce, juice, curd, etc. An average person will consume as much as twenty spoons full of sugar every day.

You are still reading this content because you already have that special craving for sugary foods. Well, how to control this craving, you should continue reading further.

Below stated are a few tips and tricks that you can follow to reduce that excess craving for sugary foods.

Regulate the Amount of Sugar you Eat

You certainly may not be able to kill that craving all of a sudden. You can still control it. The moment you get that craving, you can go for eating sugary cookies – but in smaller portions. Instead of eating the whole cookie, you can take a bite or two.

You can take a munch of the candy bar and share the rest with others. This is one of the most effective ways to control that craving. This way you will still be able to satisfy that feeling, and eat less. It is important to maintain a small intake of calories on daily basis. do not try to exceed it over 150 cal per day.

Try different combinations

Just eating pure candy bar will never reduce your sugar intake. If you are hungry, then you can try and combine the candy bar with other foods. It is best to combine sugary food with something healthier.

Different Sugary Combos

Try including protein-rich food along with sugary food. This way you will consume a healthy form of sugar that may not affect your health much. You can also combine chocolate with fruits like banana. It will satisfy your sugary craving and improve your health as well.

Eat little potion of Cold Turkey

As per experts, eating cold turkey may help you quit eating sugary foods completely. The moment you have that craving to eat something sweet you can try and take a bite of cold turkey. This will help satisfy your sugary craving instantly.

One good thing about eating cold turkey is that it may not negatively affect your health. Turkey can satisfy the taste buds and your hunger.

Chewing gum (Possibly Sugar-free)

Chewing gum is a very popular candy you will find sugar free gum in the market. This can help replace the sugary foods you eat very often. One main benefit of chewing gum is that it controls your hunger as well.

Sugar-free gums are still sweet and healthy for your gums as well. You can control the sugar craving if you continue to chew chewing gum for a longer time. You may not feel like eating candy, once you are used to eating chewing gum very often.

Consume more Fruits

Fruits are sweet but they contain fruit sugar. This type of sugar is much better as compared to carbohydrate sugar. Fruits also contain fiber this is healthy for you. You can always keep a god stock of fruits at your home.

The moment you feel the craving, you can try and consume more fruits. Instead, of reaching for candy, it is healthier to eat fruits. This will control your sugar intake, as well as fruits, contain less sugar and more citric.


Having the craving to eat something sweet, you can try and get involved in some form of physical activities. it is best to take up walking sessions. This will improve your health instead of degrading it. Walking will also change your mood.

It will help divert your mind. This is a simple trick that you can try to give up eating more sugary foods.

Eat quality Sugary Food

Not all types of sugary foods are safe in quality. you should try and select eating sugary foods that guarantee quality. These types of candy and sweets are made up of sugar-free ingredients. They contain the same sweetness but lacks sugar.

Sugar Free

Sugar-free foods are also healthy as they contain nuts and other ingredients that are safe for your health.

Apart from this, you can also try and consume more water. The moment you get a craving, you can drink plenty of water. Water will help in killing that craving for a longer time. It also keeps your stomach full and cleanses your internal system.

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