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Some Good Meditation Practices for Mind and Body That Just Need 10 Minutes a Day

by Madhushree Ghosh
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  • Is 10 Minutes a Day Mediation Enough for Our Health
  • Some Best Meditation Methods for Body and Mind with 10 Minutes Time Frame

We all know the goodness of practicing meditation in the morning, but sometimes; our tight schedule couldn’t allow us to spend enough time with mediation at the beginning of a day. In such matters, meditation with a time frame of 10 minutes only can solve our problem brilliantly. Managing only 10 minutes a day won’t be that hard, no matter how busy our schedule is, right? Fortunately, there are a few meditation types we can find in this ancient process, which take only 10 minutes to be performed and enhance the health of your body and mind vigorously. Here we come up with the info of such 10-minutes mindfulness in this regard, let check them out below-

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Is 10 Minutes A Day Mediation Enough for Our Health?

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If you are wondering is it enough for us to spend only 10 minutes a day in meditation to get the full healthiness from this process, and then explore the narration of some meditation gurus. According to the meditation experts from different sites of this world, 10 minutes is enough for a successful meditation session, if you spend it wisely.

Meditation is about learning how to be cozy with the present moment without concern about the past or future. So, a session that allows you to be distracted fully from the grasp of past or future, and teaches you to live the very current moment is a successful session, no matter how short it is.

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Some Best Meditation Methods for Body and Mind with 10 Minutes Time Frame:

Meditation chiefly works for reducing your stress level and cure stress-related health disorders efficiently. However, 10-minutes meditation courses also work for improving your concentration power, enhancing your cognitive functioning, escalating your brainpower, keeping your mind calm, etc. and many more common benefits which one can get from a successful meditation session. Some effective 10-minute based mindfulness meditation types are as follows-

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  • Breathing meditation focusing on your breathing track, where you need to meditate concentrating on your inhale and exhale tracks
  • Music therapy meditation, where you need to set your mind calm and stress-free by sitting on a meditation pose along with listening to some soothing music
  • Open-eyed meditation, where you can meditate in an outside place of the house with open eyes full of nature and free of destruction
  • ‘Om’ based meditation, where you need to concentrate your mind with the hymn pronouncing the word ‘Om’
  • Visualization meditation, where you can lie down on a yoga mat and need to visualize any scene or image for 10 minutes that can calm your mind efficiently
  • And progressive muscle relaxation meditation, where you need to slow down your breathing before beginning tensing our muscles with closed eyes. Try to hold your muscles in sequence throughout the whole 10-minute session for a better outcome of your course.

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Here are some best meditation types you can try for the better health of your body and mind that just need 10 minutes a day.

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