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Pregnancy Exercises: 13 Simple Ones For Every Trimester

by Bharti

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful chapters of every woman’s life. Every woman wants to make this phase special and unique for themselves and their babies. Getting proper rest and adequate food is very important in this phase. This is because,without these 2, both the woman and the baby’s health could be greatly affected. Also important are Pregnancy Exercises as explained below.

Another very important thing for a woman and her baby is to have regular exercise. However, it should be with full safety and protection. The exercises that pregnant women perform are very mild natured. However, they are of great advantage for the health and well-being of the woman and her baby. That’s why various pregnancy exercises should be adopted to ensure that the woman and the baby are healthy and safe. 

The following is a list of 13 simple and effective pregnancy exercises that every woman should try during their trimester-

1. Gentle Warm-ups

Warmups are very beneficial to make the women refreshed and can surely be more than enough at the initial stage of their pregnancy. Women may sometimes get tired very early while exercising in the early stage of their trimester, and especially when they don’t have a habit of exercising in their normal life.

For this reason, they should start the initial days of their pregnancy exercising with mild warmups and after they gain good energy for exercising, they should move further to performing the other necessary and a bit tiring exercise.

Warmups will surely be very stress-relieving and health-boosting ones for their health and will make the health of their babies fit and fine as well. 

2. Slow Walking

Walking is the all-time remedy for normal conditioned people as well as pregnant women. The women who don’t have the strength to do exercises or don’t even have the time to do so, should try walking more and more throughout the day and increase the strength and energy of their legs and their bodies.

Just one thing that pregnant women should remember is that they should not rush in their walking and should go very slow and steady with the same. Fast walking will make the women lose their energy to a great extent and they will feel tired soon. 

That’s why the walking of women should be very slow and steady and not very abrupt and fast. 

3. Parallel Standing Plie

A parallel standing plie’ exercise should be immediately performed after the warmup so that the energy gained and activated by the woman is presented and used in the most appropriate way or manner. 


Parallel standing plie’ is a posture in the pregnancy exercises in which the woman uses a chair as support to spread her legs on the ground and stand in that posture for as much time as they can sustain. This posture or exercise increases the strength in the feet of the woman and makes her body posture very appropriate and right. This also increases the back strength of the women and reduces the backaches faced by them during their trimester period. 

4. Side-Lying Leg Exercises

This exercise should be performed very properly and carefully by the women and that too with support from behind from other people. In the initial stage, this exercise needs immense support from the back to hold on one side of the body with the other leg in the air.


However, eventually, when the woman gets used to performing this exercise, she would no longer require any help or support. By performing this exercise in the trimester, women can greatly increase their side strength and balance and this will help them more in the final stage of their pregnancy.

Balance is a very important aspect in all the stages of pregnancy and that is why this exercise should be performed by pregnant women.

5. Planks

Holding your hands and your feet on the ground will create a plank position for the women and this position will also increase the strength in your hands and feet and will also help you balance your body weight equally on both sides of the body.


This equality will help you balance your increasing body weight with each of your pregnancy stages and will not let your body posture becomes disordered or imbalanced. 

Plank positions are very beneficial even for normal people and can greatly benefit pregnant women as well. But, the most important thing about performing the plank exercise is that the women should not hold their bodies straight-away on the grounds. A soft thing, maybe a pillow should be kept beneath the womb of women so that this exercise does not cause any harm to the baby.

6. Curling & Lifting

Curling and lifting are some of the easiest pregnancy exercises to be performed by women and that is why this exercise should be included in your routine exercises. This exercise is very simple but gives great advantages to the baby and the woman as well.


In this exercise, the women-only needs to sit on a chair in an erect position and lift a weight of approximately 5-8 pounds one-by-one so that the blood circulation throughout the body greatly increases and the arms become much stronger than before.

For the strengthening of the shoulders and arms of the woman and proper and speedy blood circulation, this exercise should be brought into practice for a pregnant woman.

7. Arm Row

Arms should have a lot of strength to carry out the daily and tough works of both men and women. This strength weakens a lot in the pregnancy period and if not treated properly with good exercises, then the arms remain weak forever. For this reason, an arm row exercise will help women retrieve their lost arm strengths and keep them consistent throughout the pregnancy period and even after that too.


For performing an arm row exercise, the woman should take the help of a chair to lean on from one arm and do weight lifting from the other. This should be repeated for the second arm as well.

This exercise greatly increases the arm strength of the women and help them keep it consistent throughout their life.

8. Mild Yoga

Yoga has a lot of parts and exercises that are both mild and vigorous. In the same way, some Yoga postures are specially designed for pregnant women and they should be considered by them during their trimester pregnancy period.

Once you get a habit of performing Yoga during your pregnancy period, you can also continue with this habit after the completion of your pregnancy so that you don’t gain extra weight and obesity in your body.

9. Swimming

Swimming is one of the best and most recognized pregnancy exercises that should be performed by pregnant women. The women who know swimming beforehand should continue doing it in their pregnancy period too so that they ensure good health for themselves and their babies.

10. Safer Bumps

Jumping or bumping is not at all safe for pregnant women and this is what we have been hearing from people. But, a little bit of bumping that is done with full safety can surely help the belly muscles to relax greatly and become flexible.

This will not let the extra fats get deposited on the belly or womb of women and in this way, the women will easily be able to lose their weight after their pregnancy period gets over.

Therefore, a little bumping is always beneficial for women during their pregnancy period and they should try this for good and improved results.

11. Mild Squats

Squats are the strength-improving parts of an exercise and that is why everyone should perform squats regularly. In the case of trimester pregnancy, women should go for mild squats just to maintain the strength in their legs and also to maintain the balance of their body very properly and adequately.

12. Cardio exercises

Cardio exercises are very fast and speedy because they are targeted at providing better heart health to people. But, nowadays, there are some mild and steady cardio exercises too that are specially designed to be performed by pregnant women.


If these cardio exercises are properly performed, then there are very few chances of the baby having any kind of heart problems or diseases. The heart health of the baby will surely be much fitter than normal people and this is surely a very big and beneficial advantage for the woman and her family.

13. Slight bending over

People say that the pregnancy period is the most crucial one for a woman and that is why they should be extra cautious about their moves in this phase. They should not perform extreme or vigorous exercises and bending is surely one of them.

But it is observed that bending exercises have given several benefits to the women during their pregnancy time, although, they surely should be very mild in their forms. For this reason, slight bending exercises should be performed by the women in their trimester so that they can carry off their pregnancy in a better manner or way.

The above-mentioned exercises should be tried by the women if they want to remain healthy and active throughout their pregnancy and want to boost their energy always.


The above pregnancy exercises should be performed by every pregnant woman to make sure that the health of them and their child remains fit throughout the pregnancy and also after that. For a beneficial and safe pregnancy and delivery, all pregnant women should adopt the various exercises mentioned above so and make themselves fitter and better with each passing day.

The pregnancy exercises will greatly reduce your stress and backaches and will avoid the danger of you causing constipation. This will surely be very beneficial for you in all ways and manners. Therefore, the pregnancy exercises are creditable to the woman and the baby in all ways and do not cause any harm to them at all.

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