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Milestone Chart: 19 To 24 Months!

by Bharti
milestone chart 13 to 24 months

Kids milestone is a pattern in terms of the scientific approach that highlights the parents about physical and behavioral checkpoints. It is quite evident amongst the infants and toddlers in their growing age. Suffice it to say, they will be more or less in the same month noticed. But if not, then there is nothing to be worried about. Every kid takes its own time to get adjusted to the world, be open up and then start learning on its own. It is all about patience, care, and commitment that you as parents give to your kids during their path of reaching the milestone. It is important that every checkpoint that you come across, you note down things and then start making the decision too.

 Talking about the milestones happening between 19 months to 24 months, well there might be many. Your tiny dot will be growing a lot with his abilities well furnished. There will be some of the best additional skills that your kid shall be developing. It is important when you review the ability, see to it the overall behavioral pattern of your child is noted. Irrespective of the shape and size, there are so many toddlers from the age 18 to 2 which reaches their developmental milestone within the same period. You need to keep a check on the child’s development.

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This article is going to cover following objects:

·         19 months Toddler milestones

·         20 Months Toddler Milestones

·         21 Months Toddler Milestones

·         22 Months Toddler Milestones

·         23 Months Toddler Milestones

·         24 Months Toddler Milestones

19 Months Toddler Milestones: 

It is the time when your kid has developed all his senses abilities and can speak some of the words too. Talking about the skills which he shall be mastering in the given time will be using a spoon and fork. Your kid will be able to run on his own and shall be able to throw a ball without any problem. Besides, you can also expect our kid to start practicing some of the speech parts which even you will be able to understand without any problem. In case there is anything wrong, the kid will be able to express the same. He will be capable enough to wash and dry his hands on his own and also brush his teeth without anybody’s help.

20 Months Toddler Milestones:

This is the phase where your kid will have a lot of imagination in the world in which he would want to live. your baby will be pretending to feed the doll and even be able to remove and put off the clothes on his own. It is your baby who will be able to throw the objects which are not comforting or are annoying. The kid will start grasping new words that may be at the rate of ten words a day. The kid will be quite spontaneous enough to walk down the stairs on their own and even hunt the favorite toys in case they get lost somewhere. Moving further, your kid can also start exploring the genital and even know which part of the body is called what.

21 Months Toddler Milestones:

The kid of this age is quite big and almost going to turn 2 in a few months. You can expect a lot of growth for the kids of this month. The kid shall be able to walk upon the steps, have a great helping hand around the house. I want to climb and explore places on my own. There will be some simple goals set by the kids like which toy to be put where and when. There shall also be some of the emerging kills you can expect like throwing a ball or kicking a ball. It is expected that if your kid is learning quite a fast at his age, then he shall be able to name the dog or cat he gets attached too. In terms of speech, the kid shall be able to make small sentences and even walk down the stairs on own.

22 Months Toddler Milestones:

This is the milestone that should not be surprising you to see your kid have grown quite well in most of his skills and abilities. Expect your kid to be a lot babbler and also quite naughty. Your kid is all in the world of exploring and being imaginative. Your kid needs to notice things around as much as possible. You can see your baby kicking the ball forward pretty well and even imitating others’ behavior. Your kid might also be able to solve some puzzles, draw a straight line and even identify many other parts of the body. It is expected that your kid should have its big bed ready wherein he can sleep and even put down the clothes in the laundry bag.

23 Months Toddler Milestones:

Kids at this age, are quite brushed up in terms of their learning skills. They now would want to learn many things without parents or any elder’s help. They may notice nature well and shall be able to make friends too. They will be able to make a tower out of toy bricks and even use 50 words at a time. For them, to grasp up singing on simple tunes and even creating two or three-word sentences should not be a challenging thing anymore. It is expected from the kids to ask a lot of questions and even have their interest in what they like, they don’t like or even what they hate the most.

24 Months Toddler Milestones:

This is the stage where your kid finally will be turning 2 and will have the most crucial time of life. The kid must have mastered some of the skills like naming the body parts of the doll and even will be able to make short sentences. The control on the speech will be quite well which means you will be able to understand what your kid is trying to tell you. It is now possible for your kid to start talking about his own and even arrange all things in the right category. Further, your kid will be able to walk down the stairs on their own and even be quite aware of concepts like later, sooner, yes, and no and so on.

To miss out on one or two abilities during any of the milestones is nothing to be worried about. It is something that a kid develops separately. But in case, you think they are missing out on different abilities then you must speak to the pediatrician on the same.

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