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12 Steps For Practicing Meditation At Home

by Madhushree Ghosh

Comparing yoga, meditation is the tougher one. Mediation is the exercise process of mind, which needs full focus, and concentration from the attempted. You can’t expect success in meditation in your first attempt and have to practice for some constant sessions to learn the perfect meditating procedure.


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Why Do We Need to Follow These Steps?

Like other workout processes, meditation also follows some precise regulations and basic rules. When you learn to meditate perfectly, you will gain several brain benefits, like, sharp focusing power, upgraded intelligence, unbroken concentration ability, self-controlled mind, etc. Hence, you must give some real effort to achieve this feat for becoming an ideal meditator or the perfect mystical person. A person can start practicing meditation anytime at home by following these basic rules we are mentioning below-

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The Mentionable Tips in This Attempt:

1.Making your home compatible with meditation is the very first step you need to take here

2. Buy some meditation tools, like headphone, meditation mat or rug, meditation cushions, music CDs, smell-candles, wind chimes, alarm clock, etc. along with the sound-proofing device, which helps to keep the outside loud sounds away from you

3. Purchase some perfect yoga attire, which makes you feel relaxed and comfortable during your session

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4. Now choose a perfect quiet place in your house and make sure you can get enough fresh air on that spot

5. Gather your meditation-helpful supplies there and put them at the right places

6. Certain in your mind that how much time you want to spend in meditation and set the alarm clock basing on that time frame


7. Try to pick a time, when you home seems less chaotic or less noisy; like in the very morning or early in the evening

8. Put your meditation cushion on a yoga mat and sit on your hips over it by folding your legs

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9. Keep your spinal cord straight with your sitting posture and position your legs as the lotus pose

10. Now, put your hand on your keens by holding a yogic posture, like touching your thump with your index and middle fingers

11. Close your eyes, use nostrils for breathing, and keep your chin tilt along with keeping the nose straight facing front

12. Finally, let your thoughts flow in your head and gradually lock your mind in a single thought.

Try to stay focused on that single thought, throughout the whole meditation session, and practice it daily, until you become a skilled meditator with your entire mind.