The Definition Of Meditation

by Madhushree Ghosh

Meditation came into the list of brain exercise from Vedic workout category yoga. Buddhist, Jain, and Indian cultures were the pioneer, who spread this mental exercise trick around the world. The popularity of meditation increases itself every year, after witnessing the benefits of this process on our overall health.

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If you validate the definition of meditation, it will indicate a devotional exercise or total contemplation leading to a position, where our mind focuses on a single thought with closed eyes. This is basically a process where our mind moves beyond the distraction of this world with the rumination. Before attempting this ancient method of calming our mind, let’s find out some more significant sides of meditation in this article below-

The True Color of Meditation:

color of life

  • Mediation is a process where we learn to focus on a single point without getting interrupted by any distraction
  • It is also a simple procedure of feeling mind more deeply forgetting any other thing of this world
  • This is also a process of improving our emotional control and learns the skill of not being vulnerable in any situation
  • One more thing meditation looks after is the cognition, a mental action of acquiring knowledge and the sense of understanding a matter more effortlessly

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  • If you look closely, you will see that mediation also works at the spiritual or devotional level, by escalating the feeling of kindness and love in our heart
  • Hence, regular meditation not only develops your brainpower but also improves your relationship skills with your loved ones

How Meditation Helps Us in Our Regular Life:

regular life

If you wonder how meditation works in our brain cells and help us in our daily life then, check out this below discussion closely-

  • When we let our brain less subject to thought through a mediation process, it works like a battery charger
  • Less you think more your gain; like less you think about stressful things more you stay away from anxiety
  • When we meditate regularly, we draw a limit to the emission of the stress hormone cortisol in our body
  • This way we diminish the possibility of getting pressure or stress in our regular life
  • Also, regular meditation makes us emotionally strong and thus, we learn to fight the daily struggle of life more powerfully without any breakdown.

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