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Avoid Heavy Medications; Try These Home Remedies To Treat Blocked Nose And Chest Congestion

by Healthnews24seven Desk

Every year during the change of seasons people fall ill due to the flu. At this point of the season, many people are suffering from the flu. Many symptoms of flu are visible in people, some of which are fever, phlegm, sore throat, runny nose and body ache etc. The most common in this is nasal and chest congestion. On the other hand, if it is not treated on time, then the situation can become more troublesome. In such a condition, we are telling you some home remedies that can give you relief from flu and its symptoms. Let’s have a look at these

Steam is very beneficial

 A stuffy nose or a congested Chest cause so much trouble. It is caused by inflammation of the blood vessels of the sinus. In such a situation, taking steam can be very beneficial. Through this, the mucus starts thinning and the nose becomes clear. Which makes breathing easier. To take steam, you need to take boiling water in a vessel. Now take a big towel and keep the face at an appropriate distance from the pot and put the towel on the head and cover the vessel Within it.

Consume spicy food

This may not be a solution to the problem, but this will certainly give instant relief from or stuffy nose in a natural way. The reason behind this is that chillies have a component called capsaicin which is known for its heat-generating effect. Through this, the nose can be cleared, swelling can be reduced and congestion can also be relieved.

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 Use of nasal spray

 Relief from cold can be found through a saline spray. Through saline, the nose can be unblocked quickly and it is also one of the quickest ways to get relief. If you want, you can buy it from the market or you can make saline at home with salt and water. First of all, you have to mix water and pure salt and prepare Saline solution. Now put it inside a squeeze bottle, put something like a syringe in it so that water can be poured into the nose through it. Now put it in your nose and let the water go through the syringe. Keep in mind that during this you have to breathe through your mouth. Do not pour too much of this saline into your nose.

Drink hot water

Drinking hot water can not only provide relief from cold. Rather, it can also easily provide relief from other symptoms of flu. You can add ginger, or green tea into hot water, this not only keeps you hydrated but gives you relief from a stuffy nose. Warm water also relaxes the swollen membranes of the nose and throat. Due to which the mucus becomes thinner, which can be the reason for nasal congestion.

 Compress nose with warm water

If your nose is blocked and due to this the head is also getting heavy, then you can compress the nose through a warm cloth. It can open up your nose and relieve the heaviness of the head. For this, first, take a towel and take warm water. Now dip a towel in warm water and squeeze it and place it on your nose and forehead. With these compressions, you will get relief from pain. You can follow this twice or thrice a day.

Take enough rest

Get plenty of rest and avoid excessive physical exertion and activity, it may deteriorate your condition.  on a comfortable bed and take some extra pillows for comfort while sleeping.  Keep the head elevated with the help of these pillows so that the difficulty in breathing is minimized.

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