Uneasy mornings! Why people feel morning headaches? Reasons and remedies

by Shatakshi Gupta

You must have frequently observed individuals dealing with headache issues. There are numerous causes of headaches. Dehydration and excessive alcohol use are two other factors that frequently contribute to headaches. But stress and certain illnesses might also contribute to it.

Many individuals get a headache as soon as they awaken in the morning. There may be a variety of causes for this. Even while it may not portend any serious issues, if the discomfort lasts for an extended period of time, it may be a sign of something more serious.

Let us inform you that morning headaches can interfere with your sleep and happen between 4 and 9 in the morning. Any number of causes, including migraine, sinus, tension, etc., can cause a morning headache. According to certain research, those who get morning headaches also experience sleep disorders.

Morning headache symptoms

 The symptoms of headache can be different in all people.

  • Migraine-related headache only affects one portion of the body. The pain is also unbearably intense.
  • A cluster headache causes a lot of burning, which can occasionally be felt around the eyes.
  • At the same time, a disease or infection is frequently to blame for a sinus headache. The nose, eyes, and forehead are common locations for this pain.

Why does headache happen?

 The headache that follows waking up in the morning can be caused by a variety of factors.

Frequent change in job shift-

 According to some research, people who work in shifts frequently experience headaches upon rising because their daily routines are constantly shifting. The shift in habit also causes a change in sleep patterns, which results in interrupted sleep and early morning headaches.

 Sleep disorders-

 The issue of insomnia is one of the primary reasons of headaches after getting up in the morning. When insomnia is an issue, the person tries to fall asleep but is unsuccessful. You experience a headache even when you first awaken in the morning. Additionally, some persons experience morning headaches as a result of using the wrong pillow or changing their sleep schedule.

Mental and physical issues-

 People who are depressed or anxious may also experience morning headaches. In addition to this, some medications may interfere with your sleep, leaving you with a headache when you wake up. Sometimes headaches are brought on by a life-threatening illness that is present in the body.

 How to quell this headache?

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Cold compress:

 Applying a cold compress to the forehead can help with migraine symptoms. For this, place an ice pack or cubes wrapped in a towel on the forehead and leave it there for 15 minutes. Repetition is required after a break.

Heating pack:

Use a heating pack on the back of the neck and the top of your head if you frequently experience headaches as a result of stress. A warm water bath is another way to feel better.

Reduce the pressure:

 If you are experiencing a headache, leave your hair open for a while and take out all the tight objects. Some folks think it provides immediate comfort.

Dim the bright lights:

Extremely bright lighting can make your migraines worse. Put on sunglasses when you leave the house and turn on the lights inside to prevent this.

Avoid over-chewing:

 Gum chewing can give you headaches in addition to hurting your jaw. Chewing a lot of tough objects can also contribute to this issue.

Caffeine consumption:

Consuming a small amount of caffeine can help with headache relief. However, eating too much coffee can make your issue worse.

Slash down alcohol consumption:

Less alcohol consumption is advised because it can make migraines more severe. In addition, some persons who drink alcohol get stress and cluster headaches.