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Baby Movement : A Sign That They Are Well

by Bharti
baby movement a sign that they are well

Now that you have entered an exciting journey of pregnancy, there are so many things that you need to be careful about. Talking of which, baby movement is one of them. It is said to be the most interesting part of the pregnancy after all those hormonal changes and annoyance and pain that you had been surfing over the past few weeks. For mothers, it is the first step of communication and feeling a connection that they tend to have with their child. But the journey is not simple till the baby comes out. And if you want to know everything about the baby movement then surely, you are in the right place.

baby movement

This article is going to cover following objects:-

  1. The sensation.
  2. Understand the fetal movement.
  3. The feeling that you can’t ignore.
  4. The period of baby movement.
  5. The importance of the movements of the baby.
  6. Factors That May Affect The Baby’s Move.
  7. Tracking The Baby Movements.

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The Sensation:

Those tiny sensations of the baby are unexplainable. It is lucky for a woman who enters the pregnancy stage to experience this wonderful thing. Such movements are a sign you need not be worried about. Rather it shows that your baby is developing and growing well in that small tummy of yours which you had been taking extra care more than yourself. Talking of which, basically the movements of the baby will be noticeable to you between 16 and 24 weeks of pregnancy.

There are many things at one time that you may notice which you will not even be able to understand exactly what those are. Talking of which a rolling sensation inside the tummy or a flattering one. The movement of the baby can often be described as the kicking experience. Some women describe it as a swishing experience. The movement type may change as the pregnancy progresses and some babies may settle in some pattern after 24 weeks are over.

Understand The Fetal Movements:

Well, the movement of the fetal is a healthy sign so first thing by now you should be doing while reading this article is to RELAX! Secondly, it is the natural changes that you may notice during the movement. This occurs because the tummy for your growing baby is becoming small and there could be some kind of discomfort within the tummy that baby must be going through. As you pass each stage of pregnancy you need to take extra care of those fetal movements.

  • At the initial 20 weeks, you may not feel the movement of the baby.
  • Many factors can help you understand when and how the first fetal movement occurs.
  • The movement types will change in the pregnancy course.
  • The baby usually tarts giving movements and sensations between 18 and 24 weeks.
  • You may not notice the movements of the baby till you become 20 weeks pregnant absolutely.

understand the fetal movement

The Feeling That You Can’t Ignore:

Well, the movement of the baby inside the womb is altogether a different experience. It is unexplainable how the mother would be feeling when those movements occur. It is more like a kick, fluttering and swishing kind of feeling which over the pregnancy progress would change.

the feeling that you cant ignore

The Period Of Baby Movement:

You need to digest the fact that there is no particular set of movements taking place. Your baby can be quite different than rest others. Your baby may be a lazy one and can have fewer movements while some have their own set of patterns that you will get to know eventually with your kid. Between 18 to 24 weeks, you need to have the feeling of the baby’s movement often. Once the 32 weeks are over, the movements will be quite rough and frequent too. There will be consistent kicking and swishing feelings which you would be experiencing till the baby comes out.  Some people claim that towards the end of the pregnancy, the babies move less. But this is not the right fact at all. You need to feel the baby moving right up to the time your doctor takes you to the labor and even during the labor as well.

the period of babys movement

The Importance Of The Movements Of The Baby:

Being a mother is surely not an easy journey and when you enter this crucial stage there are so many questions that may pop in your head and the most common one is should you be bothered about the baby’s movement inside the bomb. The fact is, the baby’s movement is a healthy sign that clearly states your baby is growing. Sometimes, if it doesn’t move for a long time, then it could be a sign that you need to be alert of. It is always important that you understand the right treatment and get better care for you and the baby if you notice anything usually.

the importance of the movement of the baby

Factors That May Affect The Baby’s Move:

Pregnancy is a time when you should be taking extra care of yourself because along with you there is another new life growing additionally within you. There surely are some of the risk factors that you need to be aware of which may hamper the movement of the baby.

  • In case the placenta is at the front side of the womb then it might be challenging for you to get the bay’s movements.
  • If your baby is lying at the uterus front side then you may get some movements than if his or her back is lying along on the back.
  • The body mass index can be another reason that you might need to be careful of. Some so many women are quite healthy and this is one of the reasons why they may not feel their baby as the other once could easily feel.

factors that may affect babys move

Off all things, you eventually would notice and experience every tiny thing as a mother. If you have been pregnant for a long time then you will soon understand how the game of movement works r whether it was just a fake alarm of gas.

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Tracking The Baby Movements:

In olden times, there used to be kick charts that showed the movements of the baby which would help in monitoring the health of the tiny angel growing inside the womb. However, in today’s time, some so many doctors don’t recommend such type of chart since they find it to be the most inaccurate one to rely on.

  • If you want to track down the baby’s movement pattern, it is first important for you to understand that every pattern varies as per the infant. If you notice anything is not going right then you must rush to the doctor immediately.
  • If your baby moves the body for a long period and less than a few seconds be it a kick or a limb out then you need to understand that the baby is quite active and different than the rest.
  • If the baby is facing the back or has a front side then it possibly means the placenta is at the font of bump.

tracking baby movement

However, all babies start showing the movements as they grow. It is a good sign to notice but incase some babies don’t move and doctors have recommended it to be safe then you don’t have to get panicked about it at all.

Understand that this is not the rigid pattern but a general guideline that may help you:

  • 16 Weeks To 19 Weeks: During this trimester, you may notice some moving yet fluttery feeling during the course. There will also be a sensation of babbling which may arrive, if this is your first pregnancy, then you may take a longer time to notice.
  • 20 Weeks To 23 Weeks: This is the phase when your baby would often show you frequent kicking and this time babies are likely to get hiccups too. This increases the movement and it becomes stronger.
  • 24 Weeks To 28 Weeks: This is the time when a woman enters the phase of labor and needless to say. It is the most crucial one when there are possibly be the high movements of the baby which would be noticed.
  • 29 Weeks To 31 Weeks: This is the time when your baby would start making some small and sharp movements with a definite time of san. The limbs at this time are quite a well-described and you will start feeling the rush as your little one will get some revamped feeling being in the womb.
  • 32 Weeks To 35 Weeks: This could be quite an exciting phase of the time to feel the baby inside you. The frequency of the baby moving around will gradually increase at the same time you may someday notice it be hardly any movement or the baby beings sustained. Your baby since it won’t be having much of the space, there will be more of a hard feeling that you may notice.
  • 36 Weeks To 40 Weeks: This is the last stage of your pregnancy and needless to say the baby will keep giving you more movements each day. This eventually means, it is time for you to start preparing.

baby movement

There will always be times when your baby wants to sleep or simply relax. So don’t panic if there is no activity performance that you notice sometimes in a day or night.

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