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Anti-Allergy Foods: To Curb Your Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

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Anti-Allergy Foods

Many people are allergic to certain things. Allergy and food are closely linked. If you are allergic to certain things, then you always try and avoid eating specific type of foods. This is so that you can avoid allergic reactions.

Seasonal allergy is restricted to certain types of foods only. These are the foods that will trigger allergic reactions in your body. Some common types of seasonal allergies include mugwort, ragweed or birch.

To a certain extent, this type of seasonal allergies is also linked to allergic rhinitis or commonly known as hay fever. But you need to keep in mind that seasonal allergies are only limited to a specific time in a year. They are more common during summer and spring seasons

Main cause of Seasonal Allergy

Certain types of foods may overreact with the body system. If this happens it can trigger an allergic reaction. The reaction mainly takes place on account of reaction between the immune system and specific types of allergens.

These allergens may include mainly pollen grains. When this happens, you face side effects including itching, sneezing and congestion. In some cases, the reaction may get adverse.

Best Treatments

For seasonal allergies, OTC medications are one of the best remedies. In a few cases, patients have to undergo lifestyle changes as well. You may have to give up outdoor activities to a certain extent. But this will only be a temporary relief against allergic conditions.

There are other better treatments and remedies, in the form of specific foods that help cure this condition. Specific types of foods can help reduce inflammation and itching to a greater extent. It can also offer the best cure against seasonal allergies.

Foods that prove helpful against Seasonal Allergy

Below mentioned is a complete list of certain foods that may prove helpful. You can still consult your health expert before including these foods in your regular diet.


Ginger is hailed as the best remedy because of its healing properties. The moment you face seasonal allergy, you experience swelling, inflammation and nasal irritation. This is where ginger is helpful.

It helps reduce the symptoms and offers natural healing. It also has use as a medicinal remedy for thousands of years. Many cultures and traditions use ginger as a type of herbal medicine.

Ginger is considered the best cure for Allergy

It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a good anti-oxidative agent and contains phytochemicals. This proves helpful in curing seasonal allergies. Try and include fresh ginger in your everyday food diet. You can also add ginger to your tea and coffee or fresh juice.

Bee pollen (An Unheard Cure for Allergy)

Bee pollen is a special type of bee food, but humans too can eat this food. This is a perfect mix of wax, pollen, bee honey, nectar and enzymes. It’s known to be one of the best cure for treating hay fever.

Anti-Allergy Bee Pollen

This food is helpful because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps fight fungi and bacteria. If you are facing seasonal allergy issues then it is best to consume more bee pollen. It helps in preventing the allergic reaction from happening inside your body.

In case you want the best cure against seasonal allergy, then it is advisable to look around for local made bee pollen in the market. These types are more effective.


Not all types of fruits may be effective in curing seasonal allergies. You have to try and include more citrus fruits. These are also considered the best source of Vitamin C. The fruit helps in boosting the body immunity system.

Fruits are also anti-allergic

It also helps in curing cold-related issues on account of seasonal allergy. Vitamin C will also help in curing inflammation and irritation in the abdomen region. Seasonal allergies may also affect your respiratory tract and Vitamin C is the best cure.

Try and include more citrus rich fruits in your everyday diet. This includes common berries, orange, lemon, grapefruit, limes and sweet pepper.


Turmeric is the best cure for many conditions. it helps cure a common cold, cough, inflammation, digestion-related issues, injuries, pain and seasonal allergies. It is a medicinal remedy. However still, many people use it in homes as a common spice.

Turmeric as a Cure to Allergy

If your food contains a lot of turmeric, then you may not have to worry about seasonal allergies. It also helps in reducing pain and irritation. For swelling, turmeric offers healing properties.

You can include turmeric in food as an additive or just add it to your regular glass of milk or tea.

Fresh tomatoes

Tomatoes as a Means to Prevent Allergies

Tomatoes also help in curing seasonal allergies. It is best vitamin C source. A single tomato may contain as much as 25 per cent of Vitamin C. it also contains Lycopene which helps in curing allergic reaction in the body.

You can try consuming more fresh tomato or even look out for canned tomato. It helps in boosting your body immunity to resist allergic reactions.

Some specific types of fish – salmon and fish oil will also help in curing seasonal allergic reaction. You need to keep in mind that if your body immunity is strong, you do not have to worry about this condition. However, you need to keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. Thus, it’s better that you make these foods as part of your regular diet. It will help reduce the chances of you even catching any allergy.

In short, take care of your health before it’s too late.

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