Crying Baby: 10 Reasons Why Babies Cry And How To Soothe Them

by Bharti

When it comes to babies, no one can control themselves. If you see or hear that your baby is crying bitterly you will always look for the right way to stop him. However, there are many reasons for this act. Never forget that a baby cries only to alert their parents. As they have no language or mode of communication they mainly rely upon crying to show their state of mind and feeling. Apart from all this, a baby usually cries if he faces any difficulties or physical discomforts.

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This article is going to cover following objects:

·         Main reasons why baby cry

  • Hunger
  • Tiredness
  • Burping
  • Gas
  • Teething
  • Colic
  • Sickness
  • Botheration
  • Too hot or too cold
  • New or weird surroundings

Main Reasons Why Baby Cry:

Now let us try to explore some of the main reasons why a baby cries.

·         Hunger:

Crying Baby

Well, one of the main reasons for your baby crying is his hunger. They get much fussier and irritated if they do not milk in time. It is his mom who always knows when he requires food. Feeding your baby is quite difficult and it mainly depends upon person to person. Different babies will have different capacities and they may cry if their stomach is not properly filled. So, it depends upon the mother regarding the quantity of food. But if it is not up to the mark your baby may continue crying. Crying is a mere signal of his dissatisfaction.

·         Tiredness:

Crying Baby

On the other hand,it is the tiredness that can make your baby cry. Take for example your baby is very tired but could not sleep properly. He feels irritated and that ultimately turns to crying. So, it is always advised to make your baby sleep if he is tired of something. The more he will sleep the more he will feel fresh and happy. You can also take the assistance of the rocking chair or similar other tools to make your baby feel asleep. Sleeping is always assumed to be the best medicine to keep away tiredness and various other problems.

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·         Burping:

Crying Baby

Sometimes it is also seen that soon after feeding the baby needs to be burped so that he does not swallow air. If there are some issues just at the time of burping your baby may start crying. This is because he may not feel well. If your baby is not burping in a normal way on can pat on the back of the baby so that he burps easily and smoothly. However, burping after heavy meals is very important and it should be followed each time. Never try to miss it under any situation as it may lead to severe health issues.

·         Gas:

Crying Baby

Many times a baby cries if he is having some indigestion problems. This is quite natural and ultimately the baby starts crying. Initially, if you notice that your baby is crying you can provide him with some medicines that are usually prescribed by physicians so that he gets instant relief from the problem. There are some general medicines that are mostly advised by doctors in case of gas and indigestion problems. Having gas is a common problem among the babies and it is experienced by the maximum little ones. Parents should be aware of the problem and provide him with proper medications.

·         Teething:

Crying Baby

When your baby experiences teething he may cry due to some discomforts. Teething usually takes place from 8 months. It is associated with fever, rashes and various other problems. Thus in such a situation, your baby may feel bad and start crying. In such a case you should consult your doctor and take proper medicines so that your baby gets rid of this problem. He may take some time to adjust himself with this changing situation. Just provide the medicines in time and stay with him so that he feels good. Teething is a natural phenomenon and a normal stage of life.

·         Colic:

Crying Baby

However, the worst time of a baby is when he experiences colic. He will start crying bitterly. Apparently, it may not be understood by his parents but when the cry continues for a long time it indicates that he is having colic. There are ample effective medicines that can help your baby to get rid of the colic pains. You should start giving it to your baby so that he gets immediate relief from this intolerable pain. If required you should continue with the medicine after a few hours so that he stays better. Colic pain is very normal among babies.

·         Sickness:

Crying Baby

There is a time when your baby may feel sick. It is then when he starts crying and demands his mother. Each and every mother should stay with this little one when he is not well. We all know that medicines are much more important but it is the mother who is always said to be the best medicine for his child.  Falling sick is a common affair among babies. They may feel sick during the season change or due to stomach upsets. It is the mother ‘s love and affection that can treat the baby in a much better manner.

·         Botheration:

Crying Baby

There may be a situation when your baby may feel bothered. There are many factors behind this. If there is something that is annoying him he may start crying to state his actual state of mind. Being a parent you should try to understand the actual thing and try to act according to him. The best way to deal with this problem is to divert his attention to some other place so that he gets rid of this irritation. Never allow your child to bother on silly matters. It may take a serious turn in the future. It should be dealt with in a different manner by the parents.

·         Too Hot Or Too Cold:

Crying Baby

If the temperature somehow raises high or becomes too low your baby may feel discomfort and that may ultimately make him cry. As he is too small and cannot express his feeling they mainly prefer to cry and state the conditions of mind. Being a parent you should always try to monitor the temperature and never take your child to severe cold or extremely hot places. It may not be tolerated by your little one and ultimately they may fall ill. Always keep your child in normal temperatures that give him a soothing feeling. It is very essential for them.

·         New Or Weird Surroundings:

Sometimes babies could not accept the people or other things that are in their surroundings. New places or some weird places also make them cry. Say for example a crowded area, noisy atmosphere, too bright or dark places, might be a reason for crying.

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If your baby cries, it can make you feel helpless and bad at the same time. So, it is expected that the above-mentioned tips can help you to recognize the problems of your baby and deal with it in a better way. One should always remember that babies are the greatest gift of God to humans. We all always try to make them happy under any situation. It is the sole responsibility of the parents to look for the betterment of these innocent and lovely gifts of God. Let us give them a beautiful world of love, affection and caring.