by Sakshi Patkar

Meditation is tried by millions all over the world and it is estimated that 90 percent of them quit it just because they do not find an immediate impact or improvement in their mental state. And the reason behind this is very simple either they are not doing meditation in correct way or might not have able to concentrate in meditation.

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First of all let me clear one point the harder you will try to concentrate the more you will be distracted just because it is not easy to control thoughts especially when you sit and close your eyes, but believe me the day you will have even 10 percent of control over your thoughts will be the day you will be able to remove all negative energy from your system.
And today i will be giving 10 advance tips that will help you to concentrate during your meditation.

1) focus on breathe


The best way to concentrate during meditation is to start focusing on your breath. Yes you might have also faced situation where you have sit to meditate but immediately when you close your eyes either you were thinking about past or what you will do in future.Meditation is all about being in present and your breath is the only thing that is always in present so start focusing on your breath pattern and you will be getting some real benefits.

2) start from a small

Yes starting from a big jumbo meditation for an hour or half will land you in a situation which will give you nothing but a negative concept about meditation.So try with small like just around 3 or 4 minutes of pure concentration. In which you will have to decide you won’t be putting in any thought for that 3 or 4 minutes of period in this way you will teach your mind how to focus and then eventually you will be keep increasing time slowly and slowly and day by day and this will become the most effective way for you to increase your concentration in meditation.

3) prefer morning time

It is said that by many practitioners that you can meditate any time of the day but believe me it is not like that you just can’t meditate any time of the day and get the best out of it. Meditation in morning have something different. When it is clean and silent in morning it becomes far more easy for you to concentrate in meditation. In early morning most of the people around you are sleeping, there is no voice of car, truck, animals and even humans. The environment around is utter silent and this becomes the best time for you to meditate and feel the concentration in meditation.

4) relax your body 

You can be disturbed by the blood circulation in your body. When your body  is sore due to any physical stress your body pumps the blood in your muscles which makes to feel a little pain in your body your brain consciously focus on that particular pain which ultimately doesn’t allow you focus or concentrate in meditation.Relaxing your body by some stretching exercise before meditation will allow your body to cool down and normalise the blood pressure in your body. Which ultimately results in better concentration in meditation.

5) try guided meditation

If you are someone who has tried enough but still not being able to control your thoughts then i would suggest you to give a try to guided meditation. Guided meditation makes you to imagine the things that are really good for you so indirectly you are able to guide your thoughts which is makes your thought process stronger, which is a sign that you are getting control over your concentration in meditation.

6) put a reminder

If you are someone who start meditation with a good not. But eventually get lost into your own thoughts then I would suggest you to try a reminder process in your meditation try to set a reminder between the lapse of 1 minute and for the whole time that you are meditating. in this way you will be reminded to bring back your focus from your imagination world to present moment in every single minute of your meditation.

7) try open eye meditation

You have been told that meditation should always be with closed eyes but let me tell you one thing there is no fixed way of meditating you can even try to meditate with your open Eyes just because you can’t able to focus with closed Eyes. when you meditate with your open Eyes you will be focusing more on the things that are kept in front of you so I will recommend you to keep something like a lamp or Deepak. And try to focus on the burning flame. This is one of the most effective way of meditating with open eyes. And you will also not be losing your concentration in meditation.


8) pray to concentrate 

We all have been guided to pray in our religion and in school but we have never focused what it really meant for us. When you pray you are asking God for divine power and concentration and focusing on God is the best thing that you can do in your life just because the energy  which is transferred from god to you is divine energy which lift up your soul. So the prayer can be another form of meditation and way for you to concentrate easily in meditation.

9) maintain your posture

When you sit to meditate make sure that you keep your spine straight and your hands on your knees so that the energy in your body can flow easily from a brain to toe. The energy flow in your body will help you to concentrate more more during your meditation.

10) bring interest in meditation

Obviously no one is interested in meditation in early stages just because they do not know the power of meditation. so it is really important for you when you are a beginner that you bring some keen interest in meditation without judging it without expecting too much result from it because when you expect too much of it chances are you are creating a negative image of meditation in your mind and that should not be the case. So keep keen interest in meditation so that you don’t judge it before you get anything from it.

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Conclussion : 

You are a beginner and looking for some quick guidance how to concentrate in meditation then I have provided you some of the best steps that you can follow to improve your concentration in meditation just because when I was a beginner I also faced the similar problem. So keep in mind meditation can be a life changing game for you just keep interest in it and most importantly do it every single day so that you will get really quick results thank you.