What remedy can be used for kitchen vastu?

by Puja


Kitchen Vastu is one of the important parts of the overall design of a house. If your home is the body, then the kitchen is its heart. Following the rules of the kitchen, Vastu ensures to have a healthy and happy heart. Vastu balances the energy flow of the house. It is a science of balancing the energies in and around a space. The kitchen of a house is the nucleus of energy or a mini representation of the cosmic fire. The energy of fire signifies transformation. A properly designed kitchen is a place where the process of transformation takes place. The kitchen as per Vastu is important to provide healthy and nutritious food to the inhabitants. It is a sanctum for generating health-boosting energies within your home.

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If you re-arranging your kitchen, make it Vastu compliant! The kitchen represents the fire element. A fine balance of energies will ensure that positivity, good health, and happiness prevail in your home.

  • Kitchen Direction

Place the kitchen in the southeast direction. It is the direction where Agni or the lord of fire reigns supreme. If that’s not possible, northwest also works well. The south-east direction is the combination of the sun and Mars which kills germs and contributes to good health. Do not locate the kitchen in the north, southwest, or northeast direction, as that can lead to domestic upheavals and rifts in the family. However, if your kitchen (for some reason) face the north or the northeast direction, the remedy is to place the stove in the southeast direction. Also, ensure that the northeast corner is clutter-free. Extend the northeast corner for a prayer room or a wash area. West or north-facing house must have a kitchen along the northwest. The cook must face towards the north while cooking. If the house faces the east or the south, the best direction for the kitchen would be the southeast.

  • Vastu tips for Kitchen Slab

Avoid using granite for a kitchen slab. Use stone instead of granite for the kitchen slab. The color for the kitchen slab depends on the direction in which the kitchen is located. Choose the kitchen platform color according to the ideal colors for each element and direction. For a kitchen in the east, use a green or brown slab. If the kitchen is in the North East, Yellow should be the color for the kitchen slab. For a kitchen in the South East or South, maroon, brown, or green kitchen slabs are advisable. A grey or yellow slab is for a kitchen in the West. Green is the color for kitchen slab in the North.

  • Vastu Shastra for Kitchen Sink and Stove

One must face the east while cooking. Cooking appliances like microwave ovens and gas stoves need to be aligned along this direction. The kitchen sink should be parallel to the north or northeast direction and not on the parallel direction as that of the cooking platform. The fire and water oppose each other and can have negative effects if both elements are placed together. If the stove and sink are close to each other, keep a bone china vase between them to evade off negative impact.

  • Vastu colours for Kitchen wall

Avoid the black color in the kitchen. Opt for yellow, orange, pink, and brown color. Choosing kitchen colors as per Vastu is as important as choosing the kitchen direction. Kitchen colors add elegance and class to the kitchen. If chosen well, kitchen color as per Vastu can boost the Agni tattva or the fire element in your house. Shades of brown and red are ideal colors for the kitchen in the South East and South. For a North West kitchen, shades of grey and white are apt. South-East is an excellent direction for setting up the kitchen. Using black granite in the kitchen may invite financial troubles. Avoid black or blue color in any form if the kitchen lies in the South East to South zones. If it is not possible to change the black slab, balance the energies by placing a money plant on the slab. If your kitchen lies in the North West, avoid shades of green and brown. The ideal colors would be yellow and grey. White and grey are apt wall colors for a kitchen in the West.

  • Vastu for kitchen cabinets

The placement of the kitchen cabinets as per Vastu is the South and West directions. These directions are heavier than the North and East. Hence, it is best to make the cabinets in these directions. Another important aspect is to select the right colors for kitchen cabinets. People choose the kitchen cabinets depending on the looks and design. It is one of the reasons even a correctly placed kitchen gives bad results. These are particular colors for kitchen cabinets. Green and brown are ideal colors for kitchen cabinets in East. Shades of red, maroon, pink, orange, and brown are for kitchen cabinets in South and South East. Shades of grey, white and golden are for kitchen cabinets in West. Blue, green, silver, and brown colors are suitable for kitchen cabinets in the North.

  • Avoid a kitchen directly opposite a toilet or bathroom as per Vastu. Paste a zinc metal ‘nine pyramids’ on both sides of the wall that is common to the kitchen and bathroom to nullify any negative impact.

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  • Do not make a mandir or keep God idols in the kitchen as per Vastu.

The kitchen should not be directly in front of the main entrance door of the house as per Vastu rules.  Hang a 50 mm crystal between the main door and the kitchen door, on the ceiling to rectify the negative impact.

  • If you place a photo of Maa Annapoorna Devi in the kitchen, it is best to place it on the West wall.
  • Correctly choose the color of the dustbin based on the kitchen Vastu direction.
  • If the kitchen is in the South East or East, try making the windows on the Eastern wall.
  • The oven or microwave should ideally be kept in the southern direction of the kitchen.
  • The ideal location of a refrigerator/fridge in the kitchen is the North West direction.
  • It is best to avoid a blue/black/silver/grey refrigerator to place it in the southeast kitchen. Red/maroon/off white are apt options.

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  • The kitchen should never be under a staircase as per Vastu Shastra rules.
  • It is best to place the kitchen sink in the North or East directions within the kitchen.
  • The person cooking should ideally face East or North while cooking.
  • Use natural stones as kitchen slabs instead of granite.
  • The kitchen cabinets are best in the South or West directions.
  • The chimney outlet should be in the southeast direction of the kitchen.
  • Use natural wood to make kitchen cabinets instead of metal or fiber.
  • The ideal placement of a water filter or an RO is on the Eastern wall.
  • The mixer/grinder is best placed between the East & southeast directions.
  • Avoid making a study room right next to the kitchen. The smell of the food will most certainly disturb the mind.