Vastu tips for flat

by Puja


In cities, there is no scope for big houses, luxurious parking spaces, lush green backyards, and pavements leading to the main entrance. It has been replaced by skyscrapers with balconies and lifts! However, living in an apartment has its advantages, given the flat is built as per the norms set by Vastu science.

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The flat architecture should follow Vastu tips to make your life comfortable. One must keep several Vastu guidelines in mind while planning the flat architecture for a happy and prosperous life.

  • The master bedroom should be towards the southwest of the house. If the house has a multi-floor, then the master bedroom should be on the top floor. The ceiling must be in level. It makes the energy uniform and helps the occupants keep a steady state of mind.
  • When it comes to the main door Vastu for flats, there is limited scope to shift or change the direction of the main entrance. There are around 32 possible locations as per the Vastu Purusha Mandala. Some are super powerful while others can be dangerous. Choose a flat with the main entrance in East, North, and West. For south-facing flat, you must be careful as an entrance in the south can be good or bad depending on its exact location. Avoid the main door in South West, North West, and South East. A North East entrance is beneficial but not always. Hence, choose it selectively. The main door must open clockwise. Avoid the main entrance in front of the lift or staircase. The main door should not be broken or make a creaking sound. Avoid installing God’s idols outside the main entrance.
  • The kitchen represents the cosmic fire. The correct placement of the kitchen in a flat keeps the fire element in balance. In the modern context, fire signifies money and cash flow. Thought Southeast is an ideal direction, the kitchen, or specifically, the gas burner can be placed in the South, West, and northwest corner of the flat. A kitchen should be in the southeast to South, West, North West. Cook must face East or North while cooking.

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  • If the kitchen is towards the South East or South, avoid using a blue or black color kitchen slab. Avoid granite under the gas burner. Kitchen cabinets should ideally be placed on the Southern wall. Electronic appliances should be kept in the Eastern part of the kitchen. Avoid black or blue refrigerator if you intend to place it in the kitchen.
  • As per the belief, the Puja room or temple can only be placed in the North-East direction. There are several other directions (other than North East) for the Puja altar or mandir at home. One of the best directions for the Puja room is the West direction. It is the direction ruled by Lord Varun, the Lord of prosperity. Many ancient Hindu temples have the main idol is placed in the West direction. East is a favorable direction for Puja room in flats.
  • The incorrect placement of toilets causes lots of problems. The toilet pipelines run from the ground floor to all floors in the same direction. Hence, it is difficult to change or relocate the toilets. It is impossible to have toilets in the correct directions as per Vastu, but one must try to choose the least unfavorable locations. Avoid a toilet in North, North East, and southwest directions. The toilet seat should not be opposite to the toilet entrance door. The slope of the toilet floor should be towards the North or East. Choose the wall tiles for toilets depending on the direction of its placement. For a toilet in East or North, use blue or brown tiles, for southeast or South use orange or yellow tiles and for West or northwest use grey tiles. The toilet door should not open opposite the bed. The toilet seat or commode should be at least 1-2 feet higher than the floor level.
  • A Vastu compliant bedroom attracts healing energies in flat to help you relax and rejuvenate. Avoid making false ceilings above the bed. Too much of metal strips and wires are not good for health and sleep as they create a lot of electromagnetic fields. Use calm shades for wall paints in the bedroom. Use wooden beds. Wood has high positive vibrations than metals. Never use a box bed. It stops the circulation of energies and causes disturbed sleep and backaches. Keep your head towards the East or South while sleeping. For a bedroom in South or South West, avoid placing a mirror. Avoid water fountain in the bedroom. Fresh flowers bring in positive energies and create abundance.
  • Colors play a crucial role when it comes to flat Vastu. Use natural colors instead of the omnipresent synthetic ones. For a bedroom in the North, use shades of grey, white, blue, and green. Brown, beige, and green are the ideal shades for bedrooms in the East. For the Southeast and south, shades of light pink, orange, red, maroon, and brown will be ideal. Grey, silver, and golden shades are preferable for bedrooms in the West.

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  • The kid’s room should be constructed in the northwest corner.
  • Furniture must be placed in the south and west.
  • South and east directions should have maximum open space.
  • The water taps in a kitchen must be in the Northeast direction.
  • Groceries should be stored inside the kitchen or in any other room.
  • Waste bins should be kept covered.
  • Eastern balcony is auspicious as per Vastu.