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The Art of Stillness: Learning How To Control Your Mind

by Meghashree Das

The art of stillness implies a state of complete motionlessness. There are a number of books written on the same subject. The art of stillness is a phenomenon where we let loose of all our bodily senses and movements. It means a completely motionless state when people can embrace their surroundings for a while. The concept of stillness comes from gathering peace. In this hectic daily life, we consciously work. Be it mentally, physically, or spiritually, we do work. But then comes a time where we are bound to get more and exhausted. We are human beings and not a programmed machine. This going on in life results in distress and dismay. Hence, once in a while, we need to let loose of ourselves and be still for a while. 

The virtue of stillness

The art of stillness is quite underrated as people have not realized its importance yet in their lives. Life’s tough and so it’s vigor. As we move ahead, we are more and more pressurized and burdened in life. Life has become a rat race where we run without even realizing the meaning of such race. We blindly compete all through our lives and are rugged in the end. The art of stillness gives you the power to stay in a place for a while in spite of running all the time. It gives you the strength to embrace yourself and your natural surroundings. Art of stillness helps us be free from all our apprehensions and commitments for a while. 

You just have to sit for a while, close your eyes, and lose yourself to your surroundings. You will notice that it brings you a sudden wave of calmness and sanctity. Stay still until you are able to feel your own heartbeat. Feel your body and the blood flowing through your veins. This process requires you to free yourself from everything in the world. After you feel yourself in the stillness, you have achieved solace. 


The art of stillness helps you know yourself better. It helps you feel your inner self and reflect it outwards. The art of stillness evenly distributes peace in each and every part of one’s body. It helps you kill all your anxiety and unnecessary apprehensions in the day to day life. When you sit still, you give your surroundings the power to nourish and rejuvenate you. It calms your mind and soothes all the blood rush in your body. The art of stillness is as important as meditation. It gives parallel effects on the spiritual side of yours. 


The art of stillness is an age-old concept brought into reality by people who tried calming themselves down.  Take yourself down for a while. Sit back and relax. Take a deep breath and feel yourself and your surroundings. Let your body feel itself. You would end up feeling yourself more than you did previously. Try this yourself and feel the change. Don’t push too hard, you must pause in life for a while and feel.