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Pregnancy Shoot Ideas: To flaunt off your Gorgeous Bump

by Puja
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  • Introduction
  • Simple ideas for pregnancy photo shoot
  • Tips that will help to capture the best photos
  • Conclusion

Pregnancy is one of the best periods in a woman’s life. This decision of the couple to grow their family and take care of the newborn together, signifies the bond becoming stronger. Therefore, pregnancy often enhances the bond among the couple and offers a completely different feeling to the mommy-to-be. Capturing those precious moments would be a great idea. Thus, a professional can help you with the pregnancy photo shoots.

They are knowledgeable and skilled professionals who are able to capture the beauty from the best angle. When you decide to take photos during your pregnancy, you are able to capture your body’s transformation and the feelings of anticipation as you anxiously wait for your family to grow. A pregnancy photo shoot allows you seize those final moments before you welcome your baby into the world. A pregnancy shoot captures these moments for eternity.

There are several options when it comes to maternity photographs. When you are pregnant even a simple selfie is of great worth. However, when you pose artistically against the dramatic backdrops, those photos become more majestic and beautiful. Photographs taken by the professionals would reflect the style and personality of the parent-to-be.

Here we have mentioned some of the simple yet effective ideas for maternity photo shoot.

Simple ideas for pregnancy photo shoot

Some of easy to follow ideas are mentioned below. To get the best shots, you may try any of them.

Use props

When it comes to a pregnancy/maternity photo shoot, you should not underestimate the value of good props. You can hold a sonogram picture or tiny pair of shoes or onesies while getting clicked. These props can be a dominant focal point and enhance the beauty of the photograph.

Pregnancy Sonogram

Reveal the delivery date

If you want to reveal the news of pregnancy to family and friends through a photograph, you can hold on a sign with the due date mentioned on it. Additionally, you can even search for a street sign that reads “bump ahead” and get clicked in front of it. This would be an exciting way to share the good news to everyone.

Close-up on the bump (the personification of Pregnancy)

You must have observed that when you are able to capture even something in detail, it would be as effective as a thousand words or perhaps even more. In the same way, a close-up shot of the mommy’s swelling belly would simply be aesthetic. A baby bump photo does not require any caption. The bump is already saying that, “we are expecting”.

Hold hands of the siblings

Soon-to-be sisters and brothers are just as excited as you are when they get to know about the new family addition. Therefore, it would be a great plan to click some portrait photographs with them. An enticing shot could be to have them kissing or cuddling mommy’s baby bump.

Sibling Love

Include your pets

Pets are often an integral part of the family. Hence, you should not overlook them during your pregnancy photo shoot. You can take a picture with them where they are resting their head on your baby bump or walking together with you during a sunset. Try to capture a shot that would reveal your pet’s personality and how precious they are to you.

Get custom Pregnancy-themed T-shirts made

To make your pregnancy photo shoot look more unique, you can create custom T-shirts for the family. There are various ideas on the internet that you can get printed on the T-shirt before the date of your photo shoot. “Promoted to big brother or sister” is a great option for the sibling’s T-shirt.

Accept the journey of your pregnancy

Every pregnancy is different and unique in their own way. In the 21st century, family can be created through non-traditional ways like sperm/egg donors and surrogacy. You should embrace the role of the other person in your pregnancy and include them in your photo shoot. This way you would be celebrating your blended family.

Do something that makes you happy

Every family has some kind of activity that they love to do together. When you are capturing the ultimate joy of the family, you may include that activity in your photo shoot. The click could capture you playing a sport that you love to play or visiting your favorite park where you go for stroll regularly.

Happy Pregnancy

Add some humor quotient

You feel overwhelmed when you welcome a baby to the world. Therefore, you may want to celebrate it at a lighter note with some humorous clicks. You may hold on to a balloon which reads “ready to pop” or the parents can be clicked giving apprehensive looks to each other when they get the news of expecting twins. There are many playful ideas on the internet and you can get creative using them.

Silhouette of the belly

Another fascinating way of clicking a good memory of pregnancy is by getting belly silhouette. A classic photo would be capturing mommy’s swelling belling backed by a light source or the setting sun. These silhouettes display the incredible body of a woman and its capacity to bring new life into the world.

Baby Silhouette

Paint your baby bump

Pregnancy photo shoots are always exciting and fun. To add more fun into it, you can paint your pregnant belly before you capture some close-up shots. You can find a professional to do the painting or allow your children to spell their artistic magic.

Tips that will help to capture the best photos

Following are the tips that would be helpful for your pregnancy photo shoot.

  1. Choose good locations – There are endless options for locations. You can do it at home or choose any fantastic outdoor location for your shoot. For a marvelous backlighting, you can use the natural rays of the sun.
  2. Perfect wardrobe – You cannot go wrong with the wardrobe selection on your pregnancy photo shoot. Clothes that cling to the body would be the best one to flatten your baby bump. Clothing depends on the type of session and the location. Choose colors that would complement the background.
  3. Right timing – Many mommies are curious to know about when they should get the pregnancy photo shoot done. It is better to do it before the last trimester or before 35 weeks. If you do the photo shoot too early, your baby bump might not be visible.
  4. Lenses – Maternity photo shoots are possible with any type of lens. Most of the photographers use 85mm and 35mm for the sessions. Longer lenses would work well for the pregnancy photo shoots. Wide angels would be best for creativity and for capturing the whole picture.

Pregnancy photo shoots are always precious. Even when your child grows up, these photographs would remind you about the beautiful moments that you spent with your unborn child. Pregnancy is a gift of nature and thus, you should treasure it in all means. You may choose any of the above mentioned ideas to get a picture perfect click. Remember to fix an appointment with a reputed photographer who knows his/ her work well and has a lot of experience. They can, not only click great pictures, but can also help you with awesome ideas about wardrobe, locations and props.

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