How Dangerous Is Omicron Variant Of Coronavirus? What Government is Planning And What You Should Do?

by Shatakshi Gupta

The new variant of Corona, Omicron, has once again threatened the whole world. The variant has knocked in 38 countries of the world including India.  This variant is many times more infectious than the Delta variant that has wreaked havoc in the world, Omicron is being called ‘super mild’.  Also, due to more than 30 mutations in its spike protein, the effect of the vaccine on it is expected to be less.

Is omicron is so dangerous?

There have been more than 50 mutations in the new variant Omicron of Corona. Not only this, but Omicron’s spike protein has also had more than 30 mutations compared to Delta, which is considered to be the most dangerous variant of the corona so far. It is these many mutations that make Omicron a more rapidly proliferating variant than Delta.

Experts have been calling Omicron a mild-symptomatic, ie, ‘super mild’ variant. According to experts, Omicron is one such variant that is capable of spreading very rapidly but it causes only mild symptoms rather than serious infection.

Does not target only weak immunity person


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Preliminary data shows that most of Omicron’s infected youth, whether in South Africa or Europe. Also, this variant has infected people who have received both doses of the vaccine.  These two things raise concerns about this variant. These two factors mean that Omicron can infect young and fully vaccinated people who are considered to have stronger immunity than older people. Due to Omicron, a third wave is being feared in India. 

Within just 10 days of the first case of Omicron being found in South Africa, it has spread to 38 countries of the world including India, America.  Although Omicron is spreading very rapidly, so far most patients infected with Omicron have only mild symptoms and none of them has had a serious infection or hospitalization in the ICU, and no one has died from it.

The mild variant of Omicron also means its ability to spread rapidly like a cold. Although the initial reports related to it are said to be less at risk of serious illness or death, more research is yet to be done about it. Its sharp mutations make it a variant with the potential to infect people with strong immunity and even vaccinated people, which is certainly a matter of concern.

What Government is planning?

A booster dose has also been proposed in India amid the threat of a new variant of Corona. Scientists of the Indian SARS-Covid-2 Genetic Consortium (INSACOG) have recommended a booster dose for people above 40 years of age. The consortium has said in its bulletin that those above 40 years of age should be given a booster dose.

Those who have been 6 to 9 months after taking the second dose should be given a booster dose because in 6 to 9 months the antibodies are on the fall. This is the reason that the influenza vaccine that we take is also given in a year.

corona virus

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The chairman of the country’s COVID Task Force, Dr. NK Arora has said that the government is going to bring a new policy on the additional dose of the vaccine for critical patients and people with weak immunity. The National Technical Advisory Group (NTAG) will prepare this policy in 2 weeks. NTAG is also going to bring a new policy for the vaccination of 44 crore children of the country.

What you should do?

As we have all learnt to deal with the pandemic. Once again you need to follow the three-pronged strategy, which is as follows.

  • Wear a mask: Wearing a mask can protect yourself from corona infection to a great extent. According to doctors, people who have been vaccinated should also wear masks.
  • Follow social distancing: To avoid the danger of corona, experts advise all people to follow the rules of social distancing. Studies show that the spread of corona can be stopped by keeping a distance of about 6 feet from each other. The risk of COVID-19 is mainly high in places where people live in close proximity.
  • Keep your immunity strong: To protect yourself against corona, it is considered very important to take measures to keep the immune system strong. The risk of the corona is more in those people whose immunity is weak.  To keep immunity strong, drinking decoction, exercise, adequate sleep, nutritious diet and consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables should be done more and more.