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Stealth omicron: The new sub variant that is escaping corona test; Attacking gut

by Healthnews24seven Desk

When the governments across the globe have showed their intentions to ease COVID-19 restrictions, the talks of another wave of the virus is sparking concern among the researchers community.

New sub-variant of Omicron, BA.2, being dubbed as Stealth Omicron, is rising concern. Although the daily cases tally is falling, the symptoms are changing very fast. Now a new sub-variant, the Stealth Omicron, also known as the BA.2 has surfaced. The worrisome thing here is its symptoms are surprising.

Dodging COVID tests:

Usually, the symptoms of Omicron are similar to common cold, that disappear in a few days but in a new Study it has said that this virus affects the intestine instead of the nose. Therefore, cases of the Stealth Omicron are more of an abdominal problem than a respiratory one.

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This situation can confuse any person whether he is having other abdominal problem or infected with Omicron. Due to this reason, it may also happen that the report of the sample taken from the nose for the test comes negative while the person is positive.

Symptoms of Stealth Omicron:

Although in case of any variant of corona virus you may feel stomach related symptoms but in stealth you may have to face intestinal problems. Two early symptoms of stealth Omicron variants are dizziness and fatigue. Other symptoms that appear due to this new sub-variant include Nausea, Diarrhoea, Vomiting, Stomach ache, Stomach irritation, and Swelling.

Why is it dangerous?

The corona virus enters the body through mouth or nose and grows in the respiratory system or lungs. In some cases it also enters into the intestine and this can lead to corona for a long time. The biggest concern is that this virus cannot be detected, which increases the risk of complications.

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