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How Weight Gain is a Sign of Diabetes?

by Madhushree Ghosh
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Diabetes is one of the most dangerous chronic diseases that need serious medical assistance. There must be 5 out of 10 people are suffering from this blood sugar problem in this present century. The utmost problem we face nowadays is that the sudden found of high blood sugar level in our first check.

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During this crisis, people should look for the apparent signs of diabetes, so then; they can detect the problem quickly at the initial stage. Unlike other chronic diseases, diabetes is a life-threatening illness, which causes many other health disorders at times. If you want to know what type of weight gain exactly related to diabetes, you must know some significant information about diabetes and weight gain-


What is Diabetes?

The insulin hormone in the human body came out of the pancreas and helps our system to produce glucose from our consumed foods. Carbohydrate foods are that particular category from where insulin drags the sugar or glucose for energy purpose. This hormone also maintains the blood sugar level perfectly balanced in our blood vessels.

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This hormone aids the body cells to absorb glucose from the consumed foods for adequate energy. When insulin absorbs an excessive amount of glucose or couldn’t maintain the proper balance of glucose level in our blood, this causes diabetes in our body.

How does Diabetes Link with Weight Gain?

Insulin is the main hormone that works for regulating blood sugar level in our body. When a person incorporates by diabetes, their insulin level won’t work properly as normal time. During this time, insulin converts the dragged food energy into fat and causes sudden weight gain.

In diabetes, insulin couldn’t be able to absorb the adequate amount of glucose from the food substance. It absorbs a high amount of glucose and stores it for future use in your cells. Over time, this stored glucose turned into fats and caused unnecessary weight gain.


No matter, you suffer from type 1 or type 2 diabetes; each category causes obesity after a certain level. Sometimes, even the insulin-related medical conditions also initiate weight gain in your body. So, if you want to stay away from unwanted weight gain, always keep your insulin level check and blood sugar level in control.

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