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Xiaomi’s Fitness Band Your Fitness Partner

by Arpita Wadhawan
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Fitness Band

Fitness centric industry has seen a rapid surge in the last few years. People are more conscious of their health and well-being than ever. The fitness studios, gyms and centers have cropped up at every nook and corner of the cities and towns. Fitness products have also seen an upsurge and the fitness band is one such product. These bands are the easiest way to track your daily activities.

The fitness bands come in all categories and start as low as 500/- and go on up to 30,000/-. Brands like Garmin, Tom Tom and Fitbit dominate the fitness band market with their high end bands. Not far behind are the fitness bands by Xiaomi. This company has some of the most affordable and dependable products at unbelievable prices.Mi Band

Xiaomi has a range of fitness bands and these are as follows:

  • Mi Band 3 – It has an OLED display to check in on your stats. It packs your heart rate on your wrist, is waterproof and has NFC too. It boasts of HR tracking, counts steps and sleep cycle, has smart alarms, incoming call alerts and works on iOS and Android as well.
  • Mi Band 2 – Came in 2016 and had an OLED display and a heart rate monitoring feature too.

The fitness bands by Mi are light weight just under 20gms giving you the comfort of wearing it throughout the day. You can easily scroll through the various screens on the band itself. The app can be downloaded online and it helps to give a detailed information in an easy to use format. The band has a long battery life and lasts up to a week or more depending on the usage. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the bands.

The silicon strap makes it skin friendly. These bands are available in a variety of colors from neon green to pink, orange and red. Go ahead pick one and make your fitness dreams come true.

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