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Weight Gain Tips For You!

by Madhushree Ghosh
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May be gaining weight is a bit easier than losing weight but, that doesn’t mean you can eat unhealthy things or follow an irregular lifestyle randomly. Gaining weight safely is more important than rapidly. One must not gain fats instead of healthy weight in the way of gaining some healthy pounds.

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Some people with a genetic disorder, wrong medication, illness or psychological problem, suffer from underweight. They must gain a precise amount of weight within a certain timeframe before they start having some serious underweight issues. To gain healthy weight safely, you definitely need to follow an effective diet plan and healthy lifestyle. But above all, you need following some efficient tips in your regular life. These tips will lead you towards your goal of weight gain more swiftly, let’s see what they are-

  1. Be certain about how much weight you need to gain and within how many days
  2. Count your previous calories and increase the amount on a regular basis.
  3. Try to escalate at least 500 calories than your previous intake through your daily foods this time
  4. Keep a food journal and be knowledgeable about the real nutrition amount of each item you consume
  5. Eat more frequently than the 3-hour gap and use some tasty snacks as your sudden treat
  6. Eat calorie-dense foods but avoid processed or preserved foods. Calorie dense foods are skilled in escalating healthy weight, while processed foods cause serious health problems including increasing weight
  7. Add healthy fats like fat dairy products, avocado, fatty fish, butter, nuts, etc. but eliminate bad fats from your eating list, like deep-fried foods, candy bars, fast foods, junk foods, etc.
  8. Drink one or two glass of high-calorie drinks between your main meals, like fruit smoothies, nut butter shakes, milkshakes, parfait, cold coffee, etc.
  9. Include foods with high seasoning or spicy healthy herbs, as these types of foods increase our appetite vigorously
  10. And practice some light weight-training during this time, which could aid you in bundling muscles moderately.

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One more effective technique you can try here to make your goal successful and that is getting help from your friend or family member. If you get some additional support from a person or a group of people, this will keep you on track towards your healthy weight-gain goal more attentively.