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The Perfect Vegetarian Diet Plan For Bodybuilders

by Bharti
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Building up the body and gaining muscles is not as hard as keeping those muscles and strengthening them. One already has to go through many troubles to make that body and keeping it and balancing it is very important. When you shed weight and gain muscles, you also have to focus on your eating habits i.e your diet.

Proper eating without fasting is likewise a part of the weight loss journey. Thus here, we are going to discuss a vegetarian diet plan for your healthy body and weight loss process. Going on a vegetarian diet not only helps in weight loss. In fact you also have fewer chances of getting high blood pressure and other minor diseases.


Moreover, it is a perfect vegetarian diet plan, and it does not include any animal products. 

To implement die first, be ready for some general guidelines:

It is mandatory to take enough protein and some amount of fat. Additionally, make sure you never forget to drink plenty of water. Drink water as much as you can. Additionally, drink other liquids as well. Keep track of your calorie intake and to lose weight do not cut out your protein and fiber intake.

Here I am going to discuss two types of diet plans with you, one is of general diet plan and the other is of a week scheduled diet plan.

General diet plan:

In this, you can eat several mentioned items in breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • For breakfast, you want to keep it filled with protein and energetic foods and you can try different items: A bowl filled with whole-grain Protein, Root vegetables raw or boiled with some black pepper. Banana Bread– you can add these two ingredients and make different items without adding sugar, Tofu and boiled noodles with some broccoli.Additionally, you can have broccoli boiled noodles. Never forget to take your protein shake for energy in your intense workout.
  • For Lunch, lunch you have to take it in a manner to satisfy your hunger and with some lower calories. Tofu Rice with side Salad, Veggie Sandwich with whole grain bread. If you want to avoid bread, you can add some other things like corn tortillas, Chickpeas, and carrot salad and cucumber based on your savour. Additionally, Super flax green bean fries, Mini Apple tarts and some pepper for taste is also good. Finally, Roasted tomatoes soup, Mixed vegetable in brown rice- you can also mix vegetables and brown rice and make different items from it.
  • For Dinner, you do not want items that take longer to digest and upset your stomach. Some light items which are sufficient to fill hunger and satisfaction should be consumed. Items like Cobb Salad, Coconut curry, and Tofu, Coconut fritters with tomatoes Salsa, Stuffed green peppers with coconut and vegetables and stuffing of boiled potatoes and black pepper.
  • Snacks for little hunger:  Sometimes you don’t feel satisfied with your three meals and still want to eat something. However, it needs to be without getting fat or without taking more calories. Thus for this, there are some snacks that you can eat. Apple doughnuts with apple cider, Coconut cake, Oatmeal cookies, Salted-caramel balls loaded with protein.
  • It is almost items which can be easily found in one’s house and procedures of making it is also simple and one can always find recipes anywhere.

Weekly Diet Plan

The other plan is on a weekly basis and should be followed strictly and without cheating on your diet to get more effective results.

It is a weekly diet plan and should not break and strictly followed and could be started from any day of the week.

Day 1.

For breakfast, you can eat banana pancakes and for lunch, you can eat chickpea salad mixed in spinach and for dinner black bean spicy soup.

Day 2.

For breakfast, you can eat oatmeal and for lunch Spinach salad and dinner you can eat rice and bean bowl.

Day 3.

For breakfast, you can have banana protein muffin and in lunch white bean salad and for dinner roasted cauliflower and green beans.

Day 4.

For breakfast, you can eat oats and for lunch some spicy lentil as salad and for dinner, you can make Indian spicy chickpeas curry.  

Day 5.

For breakfast, you can eat boiled sprouts and pasta salad with peanut butter. Furthermore for lunch and for dinner, you can eat boiled potatoes and some coriander and salt.

Day 6.

For breakfast, you can eat green vegetables and for lunch some brown rice. Finally for dinner, you can eat broccoli raw and its soup.

Day 7.

Sprouted moong can be consumed in breakfast and yellow moong dal in lunch with a small bowl of brown rice and at dinner cashew soup.

This 7 days diet plan is very effective and one can always trade up some items. You can also eat all the items mentioned in the first diet plan, till you want to do it and some small leftovers are also eatable for the next day. Additionally, you don’t need to throw out your special made diet cookies and speciality sandwiches and rice with different curries and salad.

Other than these items, one has to take some common steps to avoid gain weight and losing up muscles and for that several steps have to be taken.

Eat more vegetables and fruits:

Vegetables in raw form or a cooked state, vegetables, and fruits should be consumed more often. Vegetables like spinach and broccoli and green peas and fruits, banana, and oranges and guava should be consumed.

Track your meal and Diet:

You want to keep a record of your meal and its total calorie intake. Thus, you should check if you have a proper workout routine to burn those calories which you have taken in. Calories burnt should be proportionate to calories intake. You do not want to spend hours working out and instead spend less time but make it effective by doing an intense workout.

Do not punish yourself in the name of diet:


Always keep in mind, you are on a journey to make yourself better. For that, you have to keep a positive environment around you and should pay yourself for your small achievement. Thus, don’t be so hard on yourself, and do not keep your stomach empty for a longer period from fasting. Just enjoy the journey.

Small steps to reach on top:

The journey is going to take time and not immediate results would be there. Set a realistic goal which you can achieve. If you are a beginner, start by taking one thing at a time. Furthermore, do not rush into anything and do not start immediate diet plan. Doing so, you might lose the weight but your body will not be filled with sufficient protein which it needs. Thus in the near future, you will face some problems and your immunity will become weaker.

Habits take time

You are so habituated to your old habits, and it takes time in overcoming them. You should realize it will take time in giving up your favourite food and going for a meal that is high in protein and good for your health. Gradually your old unhealthy habits would be replaced with your fibre and protein-filled diet. You also have to figure out what is best for you and one meal or exercise which works for one, does not mean it will work on everyone and with trial and error you will get to know what is best for you.

With the above tips and diet, it is easy to lose weight and sustain your muscles and always be surrounded by a positive environment when you are going on any diet plan. It is a journey to be celebrated and appreciated. Choose any diet plan mentioned above and you will feel the difference alongside some routine exercise.