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How Long Stitches And Bruising Takes To Heal After Childbirth?

by Bharti

Childbirth is one of the most memorable parts of a woman’s life. Motherhood comes with lots of joy and every mother should enjoy her motherhood. Starting days, after delivering a baby is the most enjoyable period for a mother, where she looks at the baby like, ‘Aww, this little one came from me!!’. She admires the baby like, the infant is their world lying comfortably in her arms. Though, it comes with lots of happiness emotionally, a mom goes through a lot of pain post the delivery of the baby physically. Whatever it may be either normal delivery or caesarean, the pain caused by stitches is so hard to tolerate. So here are some personal care every young mother should take care off.

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This article is going to cover following objects

·         Normal delivery stitches

·         Heal stitches after c-section

Normal Delivery Stitches

Usually it takes from half an hour to one hour for the normal delivery of the baby. The cut is made in the vagina, when the baby’s head is oversized or when the baby can’t come out easily. The cut is made as the size and the movement of the baby.

Proper care is needed more to cure the wounds of the stitches. A proper follow up with gynaecologist is highly suggested post the delivery to maintain the health of the stitches. In some cases, the stitches might get loosened up which leads to heavy infection and pain. To prevent these kinds of situations or health issues, proper check up with the gynaecologist is most needed.

If loosening of the stitches is not found in the beginning stages, then a re-stitch might be needed; which again makes a wound a complicated one to get healed. So, proper follow up with gynaecologist will highly help in finding these issues in a very earlier stage. If the loosened stitches are found in the beginning stages then, they can be cured with the help of some gels prescribed by the doctor.

Another important care tip is that you must wear a sanitary pad or maternity pad immediately after the delivery as you are going to bleed a lot after the delivery. Maternity and sanitary pads are great for their absorbing power. If the blood gets in contact with the stitches, then there is a serious probability of getting the infection in a painful way. So, do use pads after delivery as there is confusion whether or not use pads after delivery with stitches.


Do change your pads in the proper interval of time like two to three hours or as per the amount your bleeding is. The best way to heal quickly is to maintain proper hygiene regularly.

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Avoid moving fast for the first one week to ten days, though you are a super mom who just delivered a baby, it is a must to move slowly to maintain the stitches safely. Walk slowly and make sure that you are sitting in proper postures that don’t affect your stitches. This comfortable posture is a must to protect the stitches from getting cut off.

Vaginal care is a must. Mix some Dettol in a bucket of water in the bathroom. Use it whenever you are going to pee. Wash the vaginal area properly with the water. You can lock yourself in a room, let the vaginal area get some air and let the washed part get dry with the air. After that you can wear your dress. If the stitches are left wet, then there are high chances of getting infection. If the stitches are taken care of well, then they can get cured quickly like in a period of three to four weeks.

Heal Stitches After C-Section

Most of the young mothers who go through c-section, often get worried due to the surgery. SO, first you must stop thinking like this as mental health also plays an important role in healing the bruises. Believe that your lifestyle is going to be the same even after the caesarean. This mental preparation is a must to heal quickly.

After going through a caesarean, you must start to walk from the second day itself. If you don’t walk that much, then you are going to get the scar and the healing time is going to be so long. But, make sure when you are getting out of the bed you are having someone’s support to walk and move for a few days.

Taking bath after caesarean must be done cautiously to avoid disturbing the stitches. Before wearing the in-skirts or inners do use some liners prescribed by the doctor to make the stitches feel safe.

The stitches get cured after three or four weeks based on the hygienic care that you give to it. But the internal muscles will take almost one and a half to two months to get cured.  Proper application of the ointment, follow up with the doctor and the care key needs that will help in quick recovery.

Never leave the stitches wet as they will lead to formation of the pus which will stretch the healing process. To avoid this proper, follow up is highly suggested for the caesarean delivery also. Always maintain them clean and dry.


If you are having caesarean for the second time or having diabetic problem or pressure, then there are changes that you might get infections. But, don’t panic, if good care is taken then you are going to stay in the safe zone only. If you see any redness, swelling or loosening of the stitches then you have to contact your doctor immediately.

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Apart from all these care, proper and healthy intake of food is much needed for healing the wound. If you are a new mother who went through caesarean or normal delivery first of all congrats to this super mother and please don’t get panicked, you are going to recover soon and going to enjoy motherhood throughout life. Do, regular check-up, have the medicines regularly, maintain the area hygienic and you are in the safe zone. Also, have healthy food for the upcoming healthy lifestyle.