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The Science Behind Weightloss And What Happens

by Meghashree Das
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How losing weight can benefit you?

Well, kicking in, let us start with something. Why should you actually lose weight? The answer is pretty compelling and simple. 

You need to lose weight because you have to stay healthy. Losing weight comes with a lot of amnesties. 

One of which is well, you can get to wear your favorite jeans or tuck into the buttons of your shirt while you prepare your date with your crush. All these things are pretty awesome for weight loss.

But before you dive into the topic, here is something which you have to know. Why choose this? Well, we will tell you how weight loss can be amazing for anyone.

Benefits of losing weight

Here are some of the most awaited benefits of losing weight that you are searching for. 

It helps you to sleep well

You might have heard that losing weight can cause you to sleep more. Whatever you have heard is completely right. Weight loss is directly associated with our sleeping pattern. The more you lose weight from your system, the better you can sleep. It processes all the systems inside your body and makes sure that you have a sound sleep.

Completely aware of the situation, a lot of scientists have said that this fact is straight. 

So what you are waiting for? If you are suffering from gaining weight, lose some and have a good night’s sleep. There is nothing much to lose. 

Let’s eat better

Well, well. The overwhelming problem of eating all the time is directly proportional to gaining weight. If you binge eat and out of everything if you are an ectomorph then the gain of weight is apparent.

The prime reason why people restrict themselves from eating all the time.

If you lose some weight then you can eat more, but not the non-essential fats. 

You can have as much salad as you want. And especially, you can include anything that you want into your diet. But none the less, not the junk items. All the good items like the essential carbs, vitamins, and even minerals.

Now you can wear your favorite cloth

The most awaited benefit of losing weight is to wear your favorite cloth. Losing weight lets you get away from the belly fat and you can wear anything that you want, over time. 

If you think that the slim fit jeans won’t fit you then try it out again. 

The joy that you obtain after you get to wear your favorite dress out of every single try which has been negative in your past, is innumerable.

You will feel good and a rush of success will come to your head once you fit in.

Gets you charged on the hormonal balance

A lot of people who are suffering from weight-related issues have a hormonal balance which is off the charts.

To control the same, you can lose some of the weight which you have gained lately and see the stark new change. 

When you think of hormones then the burgling sex drive inside your mind is not the only thing which you should prefer. Hormonal includes a lot of other things that a lot of people are not really aware of.

The hormonal drive can include sudden heart palpitations and a lot more. So if you want them to stop, you can practice some of the high hitting cardio at the gym.

It will help you to lose the fat and make sure that the lipid does not cause complications to your system.

Chirpy and a better mood

It is official that weight gain is related to dull mood. Not that healthy people are always chirpy but if you do shed some of the fat then the mood will get a boost as well. 

Committing to the gym every day will help you to push your boundaries and make sure that you spend some of the time to your mental fitness and the ability to make yourself smile. If you commit some time to your gym and regular going and hitting the weights then you can uplift your smile as well. 

Endorphins are amazing and they can commit to your system and cause you to have a better mood. 

Clear and brighter skin will come your way

Clear and brighter skin is a boon that no one seems to have these days.

We cannot blame it because the course and the skin spots are always covered with the big junk dash of foods that you eat every day. 

Burgers, coca-cola and other items can cause the skin to break out bad. The prime reason why your skin might look dull and very uneven. 

So if you eat all the junk food then make sure that you hit the gym too. Hitting the gym or doing exercise will help you to be free. 

When you sweat, your face will start to glow as well. 

Benefits of losing weight from your system

You don’t have to be worried about diabetes

If you lose weight then you don’t have to worry about diabetes. Diabetes is a long cause and it can happen if you gain a lot of weight in your system. 

The main reason why you need to keep yourself away from eating all the junk food and then losing all your weight, as much as you want. 

Over time, it becomes hard for everyone to lose weight accordingly, but if you have a proper diet then you can lose weight in a jiffy. 

Lowered risks of cholesterol

Cholesterol can be caused if you have gained a lot of weight. 

Over time, it might cause a lot of added complications in your system which you might not be aware of. So if you lose weight right now than it can help you to keep a check on the level of your cholesterol. 

Plus, cholesterol means that you will have episodes for heart problems and palpitations. 

That is the main reason why you need to keep your cholesterol in check and this can only be done with the help of you losing weight. 

There will be episodes for blood pressure

Blood pressure is something that can be really difficult for you to handle. This happens when you have a lot of weight and gained a lot too.

Blood pressure can cause you a lot of complications and over time, it can cause you to fall badly. Plus you might have a light head as well if you have induced a lot of blood pressure in your system. 

The main reason why you need to stop consuming the extra donut from the plate and hit the gym, immediately. 

A better social life

A better social life means that you will have a successful timeout and your productivity will increase as well. 

In addition to all the medical benefits, you will experience an improved lifestyle with all the slimming down that you are doing. 

  1. Better social life from all around. 
  2. Greater confidence built as well. 
  3. Better sleep if you are slimming down. 
  4. Improved energy from all forms. 
  5. You will definitely have an improved sex life. 
  6. The decrease in all the stress which is caused.
  7. You will have a positive body image. 

Losing weight means that you will have a improve in your psychological standards

Have you ever thought of something? That what if you really hit the gym and lose all the weight that you want over time. 

What would it be and what would it mean?  

We cannot simply put it to thought because we have to work it out. 

Especially if you are thinking about one fact and that is, how weight loss can help you amazingly and even mentally. 

Let us talk about a test here. 

There was a survey conducted and around 10 participants out of 15 said that they are keen on losing all the weight that they have. But they cannot muster enough strength and courage about it. 

Over time, it becomes hard for everyone to keep a constant check on their weight and how much they have lost or gained. 

So the participants in the test have said that their confidence to hit the gym is a complete no brainer when it comes to straining all the benefits availed right from it.

Americans have said that reducing their girth can be a really hard deal. According to the Food and Health Survey, the results are quite prominent here. 

The council has said that people who are trying to lose weight and have done the same, made sure that their psychological benefits are rightly on point too.  

Weight loss is associated with all the immense pleasure that you see yourself in.

Suppose you are seeing yourself after you have lost weight, how would you feel after that? 

Well for sure that you will feel amazing as an immense rush of happiness will surge your brain. 

Desperate, the studies have shown that searching for some happiness in your brain can be caused if you are happy from within. 

Are we designed to eat?

Are we designed to eat? So why it is really difficult to lose all the weight? Because Jim Keller from Director of Behavioural Health at Weight Wise has said that losing weight needs a lot of courage and over time, it can happen. The human body and the brain are connected with each other. 

Losing weight means it is a challenge for some people and most of us don’t like this sort of thing when they are associated with our system. 

We have said that the interview which is perceived over time, has proved onto the same.

It has been proved and over time that our mind and our body are connected one to the other. 

It is not really difficult to change your eating habits

It is not difficult to lose weight. It is our mind who is tricking us into thinking the same. If you think that losing weight needs a lot of courage then you are right.

Courage is something that can come to heed and play here while losing weight.

But there is something else which works too, that is, losing weight means that you have to be confident in your skin. You have to know that your skin is your best friend and the cloth that you wear.

If you don’t wear it well or if you don’t treat your friend well then you are bound to lose the best out of it. 

The very reason why doctors have said that losing weight needs courage and for this, you have to take mini baby steps. Here is something which you can do accordingly.

  1. The biochemistry of a diverse brain

The biochemistry of our brains is diverse. For simple terms, you have to know that the chemicals present in our brain come with a lot of complicated matters over time. The very reason why we need to keep it away from all the negative thoughts and matters.

Negative thoughts can loom inside your mind. It can cause a lot of other factors as well. The very reason why you can keep yourself away from the following and keep your mind fresh about thinking all the positive items from the lot. Think about the time when you will lose weight and it will be an amazing gift from your end to yourself.

  1. Keeping a check on your behavior over time

Keep a check on your behavior. Yes, you need to keep a complete check on your behavior because it is the primary thing that can help you in losing all the weight. If you are depressed, stressed and having a lot to take in life then you don’t have to worry about it because having a clear mind might help you out. 

Individuals who are said to keep a check on their behavior has been helped over time.

‘If you don’t listen to your heart then your brain might cause a lot of self-doubts. It is okay to listen to your heart at times, provided it does not cause any stresses’

Understanding the principal of calorie and its work

What actually is a calorie?

Coming to the main part, we will discuss, what actually is a calorie. In your definition, a calorie is something that can only come in the counting part.

But if you can check to see, a calorie is the actual amount of nutrition that is injected into your system.

A calorie can be stated as the amount of heat that is needed to raise all the temperature of one gram of water and one degree of Celsius.

Our bodies are always storming on the burning of heat. So the more calories you burn, the benefit you can derive from the same. 

What is the mega difference between calorie and kilocalorie?

So, here is something which you need to keep in mind. Calorie and kilocalorie is something which are two sides of the coin.

A calorie is counted when you are trying to calculate the heat in total. A kilocalorie is something that is counted on dieters or supplementary deals.

There are small to big calories that you can count on the meter.

The definition of the small calories goes to the line of work which means that it is referred to as the amount of heat that is needed to raise 1 degree of Celsius.

On the other hand, a kilocalorie is completely different.

It is the large calorie which is needed to burn all the heat which is needed to raise the temperature. 

Knowing the real definition of a calorie

So here is something which can help you to understand the whole thing. You may think that calories are only important when you are counting it on the scale. 

We oftentimes hear that when you are about to lose weight then you need to consume low calories.

The count is completely right. If you are counting calories and want to lose weight then you need to consume lesser calories. On the other hand, if you are willing to gain weight then more calories are the deal. 

The thing depends on your overall consumption. For example, a calorie is a thing.

For all those people who are saying that it is a complete misconception, you can stop listening out to them.

The calorie that you intake is present directly into your food. So the more you eat, the more calories you gain. 

Knowing calorie deficit and surplus

Calorie deficit and Calorie is something which is relative terms.

A calorie deficit means that your system is lacking all the calories. This implies the fact that you need to intake more calories in your system.

Calorie surplus, on the other hand, is something which means that your system has more calories. If you have surplus then you need to stop in taking so many calories.

Surplus and deficit matters in weight loss which is our current goal over here. Calorie intake or if you are trying to take more calorie then you need to have a calorie surplus.

If you are trying to lose all the weight then there are calorie deficit which can come in line. 

  • Many bodybuilders out there are using calorie to shred and bulk. To dive into this concept, let us have a clear conception at first.
  • Bulking means that you are gaining some weight to your system. If you want fuller muscles to your system and wish to look wholesome then bulking is the key. 
  • On the other hand, shredding is the complete opposite. If you want to show the defined muscles on your system then shredding is the key. Shredding helps you to keep a look at the overall muscle growth.
  • So coming to the main fact, how is calorie related to bulking and shredding, right? Well, if you are cutting down then you need to have lesser calories. If you are gaining a lot then you need to have more. The maths is simple. The calculation is easy. 

Calories based on your goals

Okay, before we dive into the weight loss, calories are taken in for a lot of things. For example, a lot of people are trying to stay fit with the help of calories. A lot of people are trying to get their micronutrients in check.

So, calories are not always for those who are trying to gain or lose weight. It is meant for everyone in line. 

There are weight goals issues might put to concern:

Before you start, there is something which you have to know. There are weight goals for everyone. 

For example, it does not depend on what you are trying to do. 

For example, if your goal is to have an optimum weight then you can do the same with the use of the calorie count and the program which you have planned in your mind. 

These weight goals and weight loss are completely adjacent to each other. 

Depending on what type of goals you actually want, you can have the relative. In particular, there are individual amount of performance goals that are set by everyone.

There is a carbohydrate which is the main source of fuel to our system. If you want to have more carbs than the proteins then you are looking for bulking instead of shredding.


Is weight a tricky process?

Weightloss is surely tricky. Since it is a sincere objective and goal towards what you will work on, it is tricky to understand how it actually functions. 

How to ensure that you are losing proper weight?

You can take your weight at the start of one week and then measure it every 15 days in a while to know how much weight you have lost. 

What is the best weight I can achieve?

The right weight you can achieve depends on your body height and your health choices/life choices. Depending on these both, you have an ideal body weight.