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PEDF keeps our eye healthy; Deficiency of this protein poses big threat to our sight

by Shatakshi Gupta

A number of body parts exhibit the effects of ageing. Along with muscle and bone loss as we age, the risk of acquiring a wide range of other ailments also rises. According to experts, the body’s level of many different proteins and hormones begins to decline beyond the age of 40, which can have a harmful impact on the body in a variety of ways. Eye problems also start to become more prevalent in people beyond the age of 40; as a result, their ability to read small text or see up-close things starts to deteriorate. This type of issue is termed as “Aging Eye” in medical jargon.

 According to ophthalmologists, the fundamental cause of the decline in eye function with ageing is thought to be a shortage of specific proteins and hormones. Generally speaking, the young protein Pigment Epithelium-dried Factor (PEDF) guards against oxidative stress in the retinal cells of the eye, maintaining eye health. Age-related eye problems may become more common as a result of its lack. Let’s examine the significance of this protein for maintaining eye health and how its defeciency might be remedied.

Significance of PEDF:

 In the study, National Eye Institute (NEI) researchers discovered that a decrease in PEDF levels exacerbates retinal issues that result in vision loss. This can be viewed as a key contributing component to ageing and becoming less noticeable. This protein has a specific function in the normal recycling of the eye. The retinal pigment epithelium is a type of cell that typically produces these proteins (RPE). They run the danger of acquiring a number of illnesses as they age.

What does PEDF paucity cause?

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According to the study, RPE production and PEDF secretion decline with ageing in the eyes, skin, lungs, and other tissues. According to earlier studies, PEDF may shield photoreceptor cells from harm and stop the development of atypical blood vessels in the eye. The causes of the age-related fall in PEDF levels are unclear to experts.

How to maintain PEDF level?

Ophthalmologists stress the significance of the Pigment Epithelium Dried Factor (PEDF), which may have a specific role in maintaining eye health and avoiding age-related light loss. Most people’s levels begin to decline as they get older. It is crucial to eat a diet full of vitamins and minerals that can support maintaining the level of eye cells and crucial proteins to prevent such deficiencies and keep the eyes healthy.