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How a 21st Century Millennial Needs to be Parented?

by Meghashree Das
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Millennials are those who are currently aged at 18 and ranges to 34, now numbers to around 75.4 million people, more than any other generation present. The main fact we are presenting this article at, is to understand how a parent of a millennial is coping up with the trying times now. 

For the onset of the pandemic, a lot of parents and children are shifted back to their home. Social distancing which has now become a norm in every other place have made people choose their home as the only other option to stay at. So, how does a parent of a millennial handle their jobs and make sure that their kids are getting the proper attention they need? 

The social norm is not a mandatory belief now

Also, the parents of today’s millennials are gradually moving towards the societal shifts that the previous generation did not experience. Mothers are more likely to be working along with fathers and this is why more children are getting alone at their homes. 

But here is a catch. As the rising mental health awareness is now an alarm for almost every other kid, parents are trying to balance their job and spend most of their time at home while communicating with their kids. 

According to most people, one of the biggest misconception today is that parents are not able to spend much time to their kids because of the enthusiastic parenting duties they have to spend, along with work roles at their jobs. 

That concludes by saying, parents these days are finding a studier balance between their jobs and kids so that they can equally invest time in both. Another way through which millennials parents do their job is to focus more on positive parenting apart from authoritative discipline. 

Today’s parents believe on togetherness

Around the mid 20th century, there was a shift in notion in the thought process for many parents that authoritative parenting can set off ill behaviour in kids. Last but not the least, millennial parents value more on togetherness. 

It is a way of letting their kids know that they are going to support their decision no matter what. Parenting is a hard task to do and specially for parents who are making ends meet every single day along with having to keep an eye on their kids and how they are doing. Today’s parenting is not vague as every single parent have to keep up to date with their kids, and help themselves to be better and smarter than ever before.