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A Meditation Prayer

by Madhushree Ghosh
Meditation Prayer

We often talk about the good effects of meditation, and the procedure of practicing an interruption-free meditation session. But do you know picking a good topic for focusing could make your meditation session even more effective than ever? Meditating on God’s thoughts and words is called a meditation prayer.

Meditation Prayer

The Connection between Meditation and a Prayer:

According to the theory of Christian and the Holy Bible, mediation is a reminding process of God’s words, similar to a cow is chewing on its cud. Every mediation type has its own and individual beneficial points, so do this meditation prayer. Hence, let’s find out the true type and actual advantageous side of this mediation prayer, before replacing it with your regular meditation process-

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What a Meditation Prayer is?

A mediation prayer is something where we center our minds on the words of God and his thoughts. Remembering about His kindness, goodness, and several spiritual deeds is a way of practicing meditation prayer. It is told to the humans that once you become devotee towards God, it will be easier for concentrating or focusing the mind, which is an initial step of meditation.

During this type of meditation, an attempted used to think of his believed God and thank Him for letting them live a beautiful life. Also, people pray to god to stay with them with this type of prayer meditation to purify their soul and mind from all the sins with God’s wise words. This type of meditation mostly came into the trend from the Catholic Christian community and currently winning hearts from several regions.

Meditation Prayer

How does it Work for the Betterment of Your Mind?

1.It is believed that the thoughts of God always make our mind calm and control our fretfulness

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2. A quiet and anxiety-free mind always focuses better and concentrate easily on a point

3. A meditation prayer also helps us make wise decisions and being unfocused on any hard situation

4. Teaches us how to deal with the problems of life and handle critical people smartly

5. Regular practice of meditation prayer helps to build our mind-strength and defies emotional temptation more deeply

6. Aids us to establish spiritual growth and divining connection to our praised-God more effortlessly

7. Improves our ability of love and forgiveness even towards the undeserving people

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8. And induces our sleep more peacefully.

These qualities work for the enhancement of our mind skill and brain ability, and this way, a mediation-prayer helps our mental help unconditionally.