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Medicine for Weight Gain!

by Madhushree Ghosh

Gaining weight becomes easier with some helpful medications. Lean people often seek ways to seem muscular in the fastest way. Some medicated pills or powered supplements could help them immensely in this attempt. According to the expert, a person, who wants to gain some weight, should focus on muscles building, rather than, gaining body fat.

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Weight gain powder and weight gain pills are totally skilled in this matter. Some natural ways like eating high-healthy diet or following a healthy lifestyle could lead you towards a healthy weight gain for sure, but with an extended period. While these medications work swiftly and could bring you the desired result more quickly. The medicine market is literally overflowing with such medicines; let’s learn about the best ones among them-


Weight Gain Pills:



Paxil is a serotonin reuptake inhibitors supplement. It works exceptionally well in the weight gain process, unlike its other equivalent categories.


This drug is skilled in affecting our appetite through protein involvement and slows down the metabolism process smartly. That’s why it is expert for gaining weight in a human body, while prescribed regularly.

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Prozac is also an SSRI supplement that works for gaining weight while taking in a long term schedule.


Zyprexa tablets have powerful antihistamine activity and slow down serotonin in our system, which helps in gaining weight.


Thorazine is one of the oldest medicines of gaining weight, which has been incorporated the market since 1954. It affects on antihistamine activity and increases our appetite immensely, which induce weight gain optimistically.


Weight Gain Powder:

It is clinically proven that powdered weight gainer works even more effectively than pills or capsules in a human body. These powders increase the production of carnosine level in the human body and help in building muscles more rapidly than the normal time.

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They directly hit on the muscles, help glucose for breaking down in your body, make muscles more acidic, and finally, aid fatigue to set in your body more efficiently. Beta-alanine is that particular component, we should seek in these powdered weight gainer.

Weight Gain Pro, Endura Mass, Vegan Gainer Blend, Himalaya Weight Gainer Powder, Nutrova Collagen Antioxidants, Health Tone Weight Gainer, Nutrigain Plus, etc. and some Ayurvedic powdered weight gainers are recommendable in this attempt.


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