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How to Maintain Weight Loss and Alcohol Together?

by Madhushree Ghosh
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Some people like to drink a peg or two of alcohol with their meal. Sometimes, a small glass of healthy alcohol could make the experience of a get-together more memorable with your favorite family member or friend. However, the weight-gain problem occasionally prevents us from our favorite glass of alcohol, as they come with a bundle of unwanted calories.

Here, it would be delightful to know that you don’t need to say goodbye to your favorite glass of wine for your unwanted weight gain. All you need to do is just follow some clever tricks and maintain a proper healthy routine here. So, let’s learn how to drink a glass of alcohol and still maintain a healthy weight perfectly in your regular life-


Limit the Glass:

First of all, limit your glass of alcohol, when you are attempting losing weight. Try to cut down the portions, and consume no more than two glasses a night to keep the habit undamaging for your health.

Avoid Drinking in Empty Stomach:

Never consume alcohol or any alcoholic beverage in an empty stomach, especially when you are trying to reduce extra bulges from your body. It will stimulate you for excessive alcohol consumption and initiate extra calories to your body.

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Know the Correct Calorie Portion of each Item:

Try to learn about the calorie info of your favorite alcohol before consuming a glass. This way, you can control the extra calorie intake in a smart way and learn to pick drink with comparatively fewer calories.

Drink Lots of Water:

Alcohol leaves a dehydration effect on the human body, no matter how small amount one consumed. So, try to drink more water with a small glass of alcohol to keep your body hydrated enough in a fast rehydrating process.

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Balance Diet Chart with Suitable Foods:

Eating a balanced diet is essential while you consume some alcohol with your regular food and still want perfect weight. Try to balance your meal with best low-fat foods and ideal calorie intake including that additional glass of alcohol.