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How to Gain Weight with Daily Diet

by Madhushree Ghosh
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  • Best Foods for Gaining Weight
  • What Daily Diet Should I Follow to Gain Weight
  • Some Tips on Gaining Weight Following Your Regular Diet

Nowadays, losing weight and staying skinny became the new trend of this era. However, a few people are blessed with natural thin body shape and they are advised to gain weight instead of losing them. Being extra thin or skinny is as bad as obesity, thus, you have to apply some methods to gain healthy weight easily. Commonly you can gain weight by consuming some high-calorie foods like junk foods, carbonated drinks, sugary items, sodas, etc. But they are not good for your natural health, thus health experts suggest that include some healthy foods cleverly in your regular diet. Here are some useful tips in this regard on how to gain weight with your daily diet-

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Best Foods for Gaining Weight:

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Some foods work more effectively to increase your overall body weight most healthily. You just need to include them in your daily diet and will get the most flourishing way to gain some extra mass for your body. Foods rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and even healthy calories but low in fat content are good to pick in this attempt. Here is a complete list containing some beneficial foods which help immensely to gain weight within the shortest period, let’s check them out-

White Rice:


Rice or white rice is a high-carb item that contains a higher amount of calories too with tiny fatty content. Including only 1 cup of white rice to your regular meal can give you almost 200 calories and 40-45 grams of carbohydrate which are enough to gain healthy weight to your body easily. 

Nut Butter:

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Nut butter, especially peanut butter is a brilliant item to add some extra mass to your body. Nut butter contains a good amount of protein; and healthy fat, which aids us to increase our body muscles more effortlessly within the shortest frame of time. Try to pick nut butter that comes with no-added-sugar quality and manufactures without additional oil.

Whole Milk:


Milk has been considered as one of the best components to add in your regular diet for gaining healthy weight rapidly. Whole milk contains a moderate amount of protein, carbs, healthy fats, and mineral-like calcium. Drinking only one glass of whole milk every day can bring you great mass gain naturally.

Red Meat:

lean meat and poultry products

Red meat is a delicious and protein-rich item that works brilliantly to increase our body weight while including in your regular diet. Red meat contains a higher amount of amino acid named leucine that works optimally in building new muscle tissues to your body. It also provides dietary creatine, an element that acts most excellently in building body muscles. Try to include 150-170 grams of red meat daily to your regular diet for the best result.

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Starches, especially calorie-dense starches are one more superb category to include to your daily diet in this attempt. Starches are one of the great sources of healthy carbs and provide a good amount of calories too. Besides, eating starchy foods also improve your gut bacteria helpfully. Potatoes, quinoa, oats, corn, buckwheat, sweet potatoes, squash, winter vegetables, beans, legume, etc. are some preferable items from this category.

Oily Fish:

Oily fishes are brilliant sources of healthy fats and high protein. Fats and protein are both essential for gaining weight. Fatty fishes like salmon are a good source of calories and omega-3 fatty acids along with a high amount of protein. Thus these items help you immensely to build body mass and gain healthy weight naturally.

Dried Fruits:


Dried fruits are a great source of antioxidant properties and micronutrients along with a higher amount of fiber content. They are also packed with enough calories which lend a hand in gaining healthy weight noticeably. Try to pick fruits with high sugar content in their dried form to get the best way of adding nutrients and calories to your regular diet for gaining weight.

Healthy Wholegrains:

Wholegrain products are a brilliant source of carbohydrates, nutrients, and calories. Grain-based foods come with a greater amount of fiber and antioxidant properties, which work amazingly in escalating your body mass naturally. Wholegrain bread, oats, granola, bran, Ezekiel, multigrain, etc. are some preferable items to add in this regard.

Dark Chocolate:

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates are overflowing with antioxidant agents along with a high-calorie density. Only 100 grams of dark chocolate contains almost 600 calories a heavy amount of micronutrients which promote our weight-gain attempt successful. It also carries a higher amount of health-beneficial compounds that promote the weight-gaining process optimally.


Cheese is another product from the dairy category that contains a higher amount of calories and healthy fats. Full-fat cheeses are a great source of healthy protein which is essential for building body mass healthily. A slice of cheese in any dish also considers as a flavor booster. So, try to include at least 1 or 2 slices of full-fat cheese every day to your daily meal for achieving healthy weight gain easily.   

What Daily Diet Should I Follow to Gain Weight?

After considering the best foods in your daily diet to gain weight in an organized way, you must follow a precise routine of eating. Following a perfect diet chart regularly can bring you a miraculous outcome of your attempt even more quickly. Here we suggest an ideal diet plan in this regard to boost your weight gaining process in the most appetizing way, let’ take a look-

Morning Booster:

Try to weak up a little earlier to get the benefit of this category, which boosts your hunger for the entire day. A handful of overnight soaked almonds, a cup of green tea, 7-8 soaked peanuts, some soaked chickpea, a handful of chia seeds, a cup of black coffee, etc. would be some brilliant items to add to this category.


Choose your breakfast attentively as the first meal of the day is very important to make your diet plan successful. Try to add foods that contain a moderate amount of fats, carbs, and fiber. Multigrain bread with butter, egg boiled or omelet, cornflakes with whole milk and banana, a bowl of boiled sprout, cheese-stuffed baked potato, cheese sandwich, Dalia khichdi, etc.

Before Lunch Snack:

This is the best time to include some healthy fruits in your regular diet. Attempt to pick fruits that are high in natural sugar content when you are trying to gain some healthy weight. A glass of health drinks would also be a great choice for this before lunch snack time. Mango, apple, pear, banana, watermelon, dates, cherry, guava, and a glass of whey protein or any health drink with almond milk, coconut milk, etc. would be preferable items here.



Plan your lunch with some foods which contain carbs, protein, and vitamins in high content. A bowl of white rice with red meat, chicken, lentils, a bowl of vegetables, paneer, fish, etc. would be a great choice here. Try to add a plate of salad containing cucumber, tomatoes, onion, carrots, reddish, etc. and a cps of full-fat yogurt at the end.

Evening Snack:

This is another time of the day when you need to boost your hunger a bit more like in the morning. Try to pick foods that are light yet nutritious to make your attempt successful. A bowl of dried fruit, a cup of tea or coffee with homemade cookies, bakes chips, roasted nuts, seeds, two slices of veg sandwiches, etc. are some goods items to add here.


instant food and foods with preservatives

Keep your dinner meal light yet nutritious that can be digested easily but provide you adequate nourishment for the whole night. 2 chapaties or a bowl of brown rice paired with chicken soup, cheese-veg sandwich, a bowl of cooked beans, chicken pasta, mushroom curry, etc. recommended here.

After Dinner Delighter:

This is a category you can skip if you want, but health experts suggest that having some foods as the after meal delighter at night will boost your weight gain process more successfully. A glass of whole milk, a cup of hot chocolate, some hot cocoa, a cup of coffee with cream, etc. are some recommendable items here.

Some Tips on Gaining Weight Following Your Regular Diet:

Apart from that, you need to follow a few smart tricks too, to reach your goal of achieving healthy body mass more quickly. Here are some must recommend rules in this attempt-

  • Make a complete food plan with proper timing first before starting your weight-gaining mission
  • Consult a health expert and talk about your plan clearly to make sure your plan is suitable for your health condition
  • Set a weekly goal as in how much weight you need to put on in a single week and include foods depending on that goal
  • Include exercise schedule especially strength training in your plan to increase your body mass more efficiently
  • Pick the right foods instead of eating some unhealthy fatty foods which bring lots f health issue along with unhealthy weights
  • Avoid saturated fats and say yes to unsaturated fats. nuts, peanut  butter, fatty fish, avocado, olive oil, etc. are a good choice in this regard
  • Focus on the nutrient value of the foods before adding them to your regular diet
  • Settle on grain carbohydrates and whole wheat products instead of refined carbs
  • Include full-fat dairy products instead of low-fat dairy products or whole dairy products
  • Careful with adding fatty meat in your regular meal and make sure they are not raising any cardio signs to your heart
  • Pair every meal with calorie-rich products like including boiled eggs in your salad plate, cheese to your bread slice or pasta dish, spices-rich gravies to your meats and fish
  • Sleep after taking your main meals and avoid sleep before meals to give your body enough time to store calories in your tissues
  • Stop drinking water in between meals or before your meals, as it will hamper your appetite and make your meal size smaller
  • Drink at least 1 glass of protein shake daily as it will help you to strengthen your muscles and increase body mass
  • Eat starchy vegetables more than water-rich vegetables. Peas, potatoes, avocado, beets, carrots, butter squash, corn, etc.
  • Include at least one dessert dish every day after your main meals and make sure they are adequately calorie-rich
  • Eat no less than 6-7 small or medium meals a day instead of 2-3 big meals and eat snacks more frequently
  • Don’t forget to eat some protein-rich foods before and after heavy workouts
  • Recommend some weight gain supplements with your regular diet which are compatible with your health
  • And more importantly, focus on living a stress-free happy life with enough sleep to reach your goal of gaining a healthy weight more rapidly.