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Growth And Development Of The Little One From Weeks 13-16!

by Bharti

Congratulations on the completion of your first trimester. Now it is time for you to disclose the news of your pregnancy to relatives and friends. You have started with a new phase of your pregnancy from the 13th week. You must be curious to know about the growth and development of the little ones during the beginning of the second trimester.

During the second trimester, a baby’s gender can be identified and would-be mother may even feel baby movements. Here is some brief idea about the development and growth of a baby in a mother’s womb during the second trimester.

This article is going to cover the following objects:

·         What Happens During Weeks 13–16 Of Pregnancy?

·         13-16 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect

·         13-16 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

·         13-16 Weeks Pregnant Belly

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What Happens During Weeks 13–16 Of Pregnancy?

During this stage, the fetal development takes place and your baby weighs around 25gms. Genitals of a baby must have now developed by forming the external organs of a baby such as a penis and a clitoris. Even though the baby’s gender discrimination part is developed, it will not be possible to identify the baby’s gender during sonography. At this stage fingers and of hands and toes must have separated along with nails. The formation of a baby’s urination takes place this week.

In the 14th week, the size of your baby must be about 85mm long. The placenta developed during the first trimester supports the baby by providing proper nutrients to your growing baby and removing waste products from the baby’s blood. The baby starts swallowing some amniotic fluid, which passes out as urine of baby. Your baby must have developed with an identifiable different body part such as arms and neck. The baby must have developed eyebrows and hair coating called Lanugo all over her/him.

During week 15th, your baby must be of about 4 inches. For clear understanding just hold a pear in your hand. Yes right, that is the size of little ones. Your baby will soon be able to develop some hearing sensation. Inside from the mother’s womb baby will be able to hear the voice of the mother and her digestive systems, and sounds from the outside world. Even though the baby’s eyes are still closed, they will sense the bright light right inside from your tummy. At this stage, the baby is growing rapidly with some development of bones.

During week 16th, your baby is around 5 inches long and weighs approximately 100 grams. This is a stage where the muscle of the baby’s face is developing in such an away that facial expressions are formed, a baby begins to smile and squint after the development of facial muscle. Lanugo the protective hair, which is formed to cover the fetus, also disappears by the time the baby is ready to be born. The eyes start to move slowly even though eyelids are still closed. The ears of a baby must have grown in defined form and baby will be able to hear voice little more clear then 15th week. The limb movements of a baby are faster from this week.

13-16 Weeks Pregnant What To Expect:

If you must have morning sickness during the first trimester then it will gradually subside from the 13th week. There are high chances of women to be sexually active while pregnant during this period due to rapid hormonal changes and increased blood flow into the pelvic area. Just make sure that before getting into action you consult your doctor for a suitable sex position so that baby stays safe.

During week 13th to 16th, you will be able to develop baby bumps. Rarely some mothers may be able to feel the movement of baby inside and it is more common to feel such movements. By the end of 4th month of pregnancy, you will start feeling the weight of your baby as it is rapidly growing this month.

13-16 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound:

You have completed your first trimester by entering into week 13th, but your chance of miscarriage is not yet reduced. Therefore, as you enter into your second trimester along with your regular check-up doctors will advise you some tests regularly. The need for tests depends on the case to the case of pregnancy and if any complications exist.

The 13 weeks pregnant, women may have to take ultrasounds test from the beginning of the second trimester itself. Ultrasound has become an important tool for keeping track records of your baby’s movement during pregnancy. No need to worry about the ultrasound waves, as the rays of ultrasound are not going to harm your baby. These waves will pass your uterus and bounce off the baby’s body to give you a clear view of the baby’s position and movement during sonography.

The baby starts growing rapidly from the beginning of the second trimester. The fetal development such as the formation of genitals, fingers, hands toes, arms, spine, bones, facial muscles, and hearing sensation takes place during the 13th to 16th week of pregnancy. So just in case to avoid any abnormality, your doctor regularly to keep watch on your baby movements for safety performs ultrasound test.

You will probably have a 16th-week preventive healthcare ultrasound visit at the end of 4th month. Your doctor will perform some regular tests and mandatory ultrasound during your visit. However, here the good news will be that once your doctor sees your 16th weeks’ pregnant ultrasound report, your chances of miscarriage will reduce by 1%.

13-16 Weeks Pregnant Belly:

All you would be mothers must be excited to flaunt those baby bumps from the beginning of your pregnancy. However, your baby starts growing in your womb rapidly from 13th week so just control your excitement until completion of week 16th for you to have that enlarged belly of yours. You can keep your preparation for flaunting your baby bumps.

As during the 13th week, the size of your baby is just like that of a peach. So do not be surprised if you see little bumps there are chances of bloating due to gases. The 14 weeks the pregnant woman will have a tiny little one inside her who until now must have developed arms and neck and must be of egg size. The popping of pregnant women’s belly varies from case to case. While some women may feel the baby bumps during the 14th week, some may not.

The 15th week is where your baby starts forming a structure of bones inside you. The abdomen muscle of your body starts stretching so the pregnant belly of would-be mother could be slightly visible. At the end of 4th month, it will be clear your picture of the belly size. As the baby at the 16th week of pregnancy is of the size of an avocado. Baby keeps on shifting the position in the mother’s womb. The pregnant women’s belly may or may not be visible in between 13 to 16 weeks. 

Pregnancy is indeed the most amazing experience that a woman can have in her lifetime. But the changes that she may come across can be amusing and if you are expecting soon then don’t be panic. Rather deal with things well and see how the tiny dot inside you grows and comes out to explore the world with you.

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