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Family Responsibilities In The Activity Section!

by Bharti
family responsibilities in the activity section

 We all are at the stage where being a family, we have to strive hard to give our kids right preaching and training so that in the near future they don’t depend on us or anyone else. Well, speaking of which, it is extremely important to teach your kids with the right thing and help them understand the differences between right and wrong. When they come to the growing age, there is a lot of scope for teaching those things that can be their responsibility for which they should take it as a responsibility in the future. So here are some quick tips that can help you make the right decision.

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Understanding The Concept Of Family Responsibility:-

When asked what characteristics would a parent sees their child now and then when they become adults well, it is one of the common answers that has been receiving so far and that is ‘to become responsible. Surely it is the broad term but for them to help their kids at this stage require a lot of things that include changes to be done. Here are some of the family responsibilities that you as a parent should tell your kids to take so that they understand their duty and know how the life cycle, once they become independent, shall be working ahead. Some of the basic responsibilities that you should make your kid learn in future are:

  • To be dependable enough that people can rely on you
  • To keep one’s trust and agreements
  • To make sure the commitments which are given to one person is met rightly
  • To do something that can be best suited for one’s ability
  • To make sure that you are accountable for one’s behavior
  • To acknowledge mistakes when committed
  • To be a part of the family, society, and community

understanding the cncept of family responsibilities

In short, to be responsible one is a key for your kid’s success and that is why you have to guide our kid in every possible way for all good and bad things. This way when they grow in the world, at last, they will be able to deal with the situations that may come ahead.

Obedience vs. Responsibility

Before we move on to understand exactly what a parent can do with the family’s risibility action, they need to understand the difference between obedience and responsibility. Most of the parents would want their kid to do as per what the parents ask them. May be to follow the instructions or directions without asking the question of why it needs to be done and to be said that it is understandable. Well, this is not you shall be called a responsibility. This is more like obedience. Ideally, most of the parents commit this mistake by expecting their kids to accept ownership for whatever task or chore they are assigned to do simply because it needs to be done. Well, it needs to be done is the right thing but you should not teach the kid on the matter as you are being told to do it. Such type of attitude you can call it as a responsibility.

obedience vs responsibilities

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The Involvement Of The Parents:

It is expected from the patents to understand that when the shift is from obedience to responsibility, you will face ample concerns that are related to how involved you must be in helping your kid to meet the commitment and accomplishing their task. It is not because your child would fail and that will disappoint the parents but if such thing happens and you safeguard your kid then it means your kid will never learn from things and rather will not even take any kind of responsibility. But ye, there will also come a time when your kid may need support and guidance or some kind of information by which they will understand how to act when and what all responsibilities need to be taken.

parent's involvements

Family Responsibilities In The Activities Section:

There are so many forms in which the family responsibility shall usually come. It can be anything, be it permanent or temporary, long term or short term. There are different things right from the chores in which you are going to meet the important needs of the family or simply lead a helping hand so that your family member would get some time off from the hard household work. There are so many things that may include engaging the person in different working hours each week. Talking of which to name a few are:

  • Supervising A Younger Sibling

This means you can designate tasks to your elder son or daughter to take care of the younger siblings when you are busy working on other important household chores. Such type of work is safe while your kid would even feel better and responsible for doing such a task which will eventually give him or her better satisfaction and ultimate peace too.

supervising a younger sibling

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  • Assisting A Grandparent:

There can be a time when your kid may be called by grandparents to help them get a massage, read a newspaper or bring tea, water or put the TV for their entertainment to simply have a conversation with them. This is another good responsibility action that you as a parent could designate to your kid.

assisting grandparents

  • Helping Hand In Household Chores:

Be it dishwashing, cooking, or running errands, assigning some safe yet easy but responsible work to the kids is important. They need to be extremely aware of certain things which shortly can prove to be extremely helpful for them. Such type of work assigning them at their growing age, they will understand that these things should be done on own and not by someone else.

helping hands in households chores

  • Working To Provide Family Income

If you are planning to give your kid pocket money then tell them to earn it. You can encourage them to do studies or take some kind of quiz that will be knowledgeable or contribute with their help in the routine work so that they would earn money. This eventually would be a motivation at the same time an encouragement for them to behave responsibility and learn only by working hard.

working to provide family income

It is important to understand such roles and responsibilities so that your kid will become a good person. By understanding what all responsibility needs to be one at home can also help them maintain their extracurricular and academic at the top. Be it small or the huge one, for kids to take responsibility at some point of time is important so that they can grow.

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