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Exercise Before Bed: Pros And Cons

by Bharti
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Exercise is important in many ways; it does not just help you lose weight but it also protects you from getting some disease. It also lets you ageless and makes you look younger and fit and active. 

To withstand stress and to feel more energized and to speed up recovery and to lessen the chances of illness or some disease, Exercise is mostly preferred by all. Muscles and arms and legs weaken before the age they are supposed to be if one avoids the exercises and becomes less active.

There are many reasons, to do exercises and it may vary from person to person and from gender to gender of different age groups.

In this fast-paced environment, it is tough for all to complete their day-to-day activities and then spare some time for exercise to balance their health and with the working environment. Many people cannot spare some time in the morning and evening or throughout their day to do exercises and they prefer exercises before bedtime.

Here I am going to discuss, what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing exercise before bedtime:

To understand this, one needs to know what type of exercise is there, this can be done before getting good sleep.

Types of exercise:

  • Child’s poseGlute Bridges
  • Plank Position
  • Pilates
  • Some stretching
  • Meditation

Based on one’s time and a busy schedule, some perform an exercise at night and there are pros and cons for it.

Advantages Of Bedtime Exercise:

Flexible Hours To Do The Exercise:

As you can do exercise at your convenient time and you don’t have to listen to your instructor or have to manage some free time in morning or evening and disturb your routine and you can easily do exercise whenever you want, at your suitable time, that flexibility is a big advantage.

Boot Out Stress:

In this world filled with technology, one has many kinds of tension throughout the day. No matter if you work in an office sitting at 8 hours straight in front of system or cook in your kitchen, there are some muscles which get harden up and need to be relaxed from doing exercise, in that bedtime exercise is the most preferable, as one can get stress free before sleeping from exercise.

Better Sleep Post Exercise:

Good-sleep Post Exercise

When you are boot out of stress and feel less tension, it increases your chances to fall asleep quicker and you can get better sleep after doing exercise. After doing some exercises like plank before bed, it makes you tired and helps you fall asleep faster.

Goodbye To Unhealthy Habits:

It is so common for people to have unhealthy habits of grabbing sugar and drinks while lying in front of the television and enjoying a good drama or movie, or staying awake late nights while scrolling social media. But when you start performing exercises on regular basis before sleeping, your all-unhealthy habits will take their leave from you, because you will sleep quicker after getting out stress and tension free.

Clear The Mind:

When you have done exercises before sleeping, you will be so much worried about your good sleep and healthy routine that you will forget all about office’s tension or work life at home, you will be happily tensed about your good sleep and waking up the next day, all the rest things which give you pressure will be ruled out from your mind.

Next Day Morning Calmer And Fresher:


Some are not morning people and they hate to see the sunrise and they do not want to leave the bed when they wake up. But when you exercise before sleeping or before your bedtime, you will feel fresher and more energetic from the next morning and it will boost up your productivity and will keep you in good mood.

Boost Up Nutrition:

As you will be working out after your dinner and before your bedtime, it is believed by some that it may increase your nutrition in your body, as your meal would be digested easily after performing exercises which won’t be otherwise. 

Some other problems related to sleep like insomnia and disturbed sleep manner, some stress-related problems can also be overcome by doing exercise at bedtime.

Disadvantages Of Exercise Before Bedtime:

Sleep Disruptions:

Just because it is beneficial to one, does not mean it will work for all. Some people cannot sleep easily if they are too tired or they have sore muscles while doing exercise. Those sore muscles will not let you sleep easily and instead of getting benefit from exercise, you will get a loss from it and your smooth sleep will be jeopardized and some unhealthy sleep routine with the break-in between of your sleep and will make you uncomfortable and uneasy.

Long Way To Go Lose The Weight:

It is believed by many that if you perform any kind of exercise in the morning and evening, it will help you lose weight faster and easier and will help in your metabolism. While doing exercises at night time will take longer to lose weight, it will help you on a longer basis after you continue to do it for long period.

Fewer Resources Required for Exercise:

When you decide to do exercises during night time, you have fewer resources and you cannot go outdoors to do cycling and running because of darkness or any other environmental issues. You are only left with resources that are available in your house at that moment.

Teeming Gyms:

If you decide to do exercise outside, in the gym, many people have the mentality to join the gym and it will make the place so crowded that you might feel uncomfortable and awkward in such a crowd.

Impact On Heart And Body

Disadv of Exercise

Some researchers have found that when you work out late nights, your heart and body get more disadvantages than advantages, and when your sleep cycle gets affected it directly or indirectly affects your heart activity which creates problems in the near future and the risk is high in doing bedtime exercises.

Inactive Mornings due to Exercise:

When you do a tight up exercise to build muscles and lose weight and if you feel sleepless and your sleeping patters gets disturbed, it not only will ruin your night but also will disturb your next morning and it will give you uneasy vibes and you will feel inactive and less productive throughout the day and even next night, you might not be able to perform exercises which you want to do on a normal basis.


There are pros and cons of everything and one has to find the way which is more appropriate to them if you are young and your muscles are flexible and are totally bound to do exercises at night time before bed, it is a convenient option than not working out at all.

But If you have passed your 50’s and decides to do exercises at night time, it might disturb your sleeping patterns and you might injure yourself, and in such cases, not working out at all is a better option than injuring yourself and getting into more troubles. 

So, to sum up we can say, act accordingly and be smart in choosing your workout routine and timing without hurting yourself. 

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