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A Complete Diet Chart During Typhoid!

by Madhushree Ghosh
A Complete Diet Chart During Typhoid

Typhoid is a common chronic disease, which can be dangerous if you keep it untreated for long. It needs proper treatment and vaccination to be cured along with a healthy food habit. Once the medical diagnosis ensures that you have typhoid a patient should follow a proper diet chart recommended by experts. Today we come up with a complete diet plan about what you can eat with the symptoms of typhoid and what you have to avoid for a quick recovery. So, check out these important dos and don’ts along with the proper eating habits with typhoid signs in this discussion below-

·         What typhoid actually is?

·         Can a diet plan affect the recovery of typhoid?

·         What should we eat wit typhoid signs?

·         What food we should avoid in typhoid?

·         Can we eat outside food in typhoid?

·         Do’s and don’ts in typhoid.

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What Typhoid Actually Is?

Typhoid is one type of high fever illness that appears because of infections through contaminated foods and water. It is caused by salmonella typhi bacteria that can come to a human body by consuming infected foods or beverages. It comes with a few clear and detectable signs like-

·         High fever

·         Headache

·         Weakness

·         Vomiting

·         Loose stool

·         Stomach pain, etc.


Usually, typhoid appears in a mild form in a human being and partly preventable by the proper vaccination. However, you need professionals for the medical diagnosis along with the lab test report to be certain about being contaminated with the germs of typhoid. With emergency care, one affected person can recover from this chronic fever within days to weeks. The proper treatment consists of perfect diet plans along with fluids and antibiotics.

Can A Diet Plan Affect The Recovery Of Typhoid?

According to health experts, a healthy food habit could work as a key point in the process of recovery in typhoid. There are several reasons to follow a healthy diet in typhoid as it can affect the curing process heavily in every aspect. Let’s see why the curing process in typhoid could be affected by a diet plan in typhoid-

  • Typhoid can be contaminated with foods
  • Harmful foods can worsen the signs of typhoid
  • Healthy foods can help to cure the infection of typhoid that is appeared for contaminated food
  • A healthy diet can increase the effects of antibiotics in your body which fasten the recovery process in typhoid
  • Healthy food habit could also strengthen our normal immune power and thus, button up the curing process efficiently
  • Typhoid makes our body weak, a vigorous diet plan can supply adequate caloric nutrient that is needed for a quick recovery
  • The healthy diet plan also fulfills the requirement of vitamins and minerals too, which is essential for a quick recovery in typhoid.
Can A Diet Plan Affect The Recovery Of Typhoid

What Should We Eat With Typhoid Signs?

Medical experts suggest that easily digestible foods are the best pick in typhoid and they can fasten the curing process even more smoothly. Some recommended food types in typhoid are as follows-

  • High calorie foods like boiled potatoes, banana, white bread, pasta, baked beans, granola cereals, etc. These types of foods can avert the weight loss that could happen due to thyroid fever
  • Drinks can quench the water requirements and prevent dehydration in typhoid like water, fruit juice, coconut water, vegetable juice, etc.
  • Fruits, which are high in water content like watermelon, peaches, cantaloupe, pineapple, apricot, strawberry, etc.
  • Foods which are high in carbohydrate content like boiled rice, baked potato, poached eggs, legumes, starchy vegetables, corn, crackers, etc. as they help in curing weakness in typhoid.
  • Healthy and fresh dairy products like milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, paneer, ghee in limited quantities and they fortify your stomach problems in typhoid.
  • Foods are high in natural sugar content like honey, glucose water, fructose, maple syrup, sugary fruits, lactose, dextrose, etc.
  • Foods high in omega-3 fatty acid like walnut, canola oil, chia seeds, mackerel, flaxseeds, soybean, fatty fish, etc. as they diminish the inflammation in the body with typhoid signs.
  • And foods high in protein content like lean meat, tofu, egg, quinoa, yogurt, soy beverages, seeds, seed butter, nut butter, etc. as they are skilled in rebuilding body damages naturally.
What Should We Eat With Typhoid Signs

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What Foods Should We Avoid In Typhoid?

Foods that are hard to digest are a bad choice for typhoid patients. Some must-avoidable foods in this regard are-

  • Foods high in fiber like mango, nuts, legumes, grain foods, salads, chilies, berry fruits, lentil, etc. as they distress our digestive system and hardly digestible.
  • Vegetables which cause gastric and bloating like cruciferous veggies cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, capsicum, bell pepper, asparagus, beans, etc.
  • Foods with high flavor content like garlic, onion, aged cheese, mushrooms, kimchi, seafood, seaweed, etc. as they cause stomach irritation with typhoid signs.
  • Spicy and acetic acid foods like green chili, red chili, spicy sauces, vinegar, readymade salad dressings, mayonnaise, liquid mustard, etc. as they worsen the stomach issues with typhoid symptoms.
  • Raw foods, unpeeled fruits, and vegetables, fried foods, etc. are some other kinds we should avoid strictly with the signs of typhoid.
What Foods Should We Avoid In Typhoid

Can We Eat Outside Food In Typhoid?

Eating outside with typhoid signs would not be a good idea as, this time our bodywork is more vulnerable. Any kind of food that is unwashed or uncooked or half-cooked foods can increase the contamination of typhoid bacteria badly. The percentage of the unhealthiness of foods increases when we pick them directly from outside the house.

Can We Eat Outside Food In Typhoid

So, it is better to stay away from outside foods when you are already contaminated with the signs of typhoid.

Dos And Don’ts In Typhoid:

Some dos and don’t you should follow in typhoid for a quick recovery process are as follows-

  • Maintain hygiene as much as you can during the whole recovery process in typhoid
  • Always drink filtered and boiled mineral water with the proper hygiene value
  • Wash fruits and vegetables properly before eating
  • Always wash your hands before using them in your foods
  • Go for the proper medical attention immediately once you are diagnosed with thyroid signs
  • Avoid foods from outside or unhygienic centers, especially street foods
  • Stay away from having oral or anal sex with a person who has typhoid symptoms
  • Avoid foods which cause stomach irritation and make your normal digestion process difficult
  • Stay away from any sort of food or drink that can worsen  the contamination of typhoid
  • And consult a doctor or health expert about your diet plan elaborately to be sure you are going well to the goal of a quick recovery in typhoid.
Dos And Donts In Typhoid

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