Covid-19 Updates (13th April 2021): All Hands on Deck

by Shoubhik Sen

The title is statement enough of the fact that neither the governments nor the people are leaving any stone un-turned in combating this pandemic. In today’s Covid-19 Updates, we shall see the steps taken to ensure widespread vaccination and prevent spread. Additionally, we will also learn about India’s newest acquisition…………the SPUTNIK V Vaccine.

Basic Protocols

This protocol has been the pillar of our fight against Covid-19 since the very beginning. Furthermore, GoI has further simplifies this by naming it the #T3 Protocol. This protocol has 3 facets: –

  1. Test when Symptomatic
  2. Track the Severity
  3. Treat with Vaccination
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Additionally, another set of protocols is equally important. These #CAB (Covid Appropriate Behaviour) guidelines also ensure public vigilance. These include: –

  • Wear a Mask
  • Wash your Hands with soap and water…….frequently
  • Mantain Social Distance (6 ft.) from others

These 2 sets of guideleines ensure that all of us remain COVID FREE.

Covid Vaccination

PM Modi’s TIKA UTSAV has been successfully running, with over 10 crore 45 lakhs of Covid Vaccine doses already admininstered. Other updates are as follows: –

  • India continues to have the highest participation in the vaccination drive. Average doses per day crossed the 40 lakh mark
  • Additionally, the Centre has advised all states and UTs to organise COVID-19 vaccination sessions at workplaces (both public & private) with about 100 eligible and willing beneficiaries.
  • FAKE NEWS ALERT: The government also clarified that appointment for COVID19 Vaccination cannot be booked through WhatsApp. Registration for COVID19 vaccination is only possible through the COWIN portal or Arogya Setu App.
  • The D.G.C.I gave approval to the Multinational Pharma Company Dr. Reddy’s, to import Sputnik V from Russia. Thus, India got its 3rd Covid Vaccine in the form of SPUTNIK V. However, currently it has been cleared only for Emergency Use.
covid vaccination

Now that we have a new vaccine to look forward to, it’s important that we learn about it.

  • Its creators are Gamaleya National Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology (Moscow).
  • The Sputnik V is a adenoviral vector-based vaccine. This means it uses a weakened virus to stimulate an immune response.
  • The reason it contains Vectors is that Vectors act as vehicles. These induce a genetic material from another virus into a cell.
  • The gene from adenovirus that actually causes the infection is removed. Instead, a gene with the code of a protein from another virus spike is inserted. This inserted element is foreign enough to invite reaction from the immune system, but is safe for our body.
  • The Sputnik Vaccine also is a 2-dose vaccine. However, it uses 2 different formulae for each dose that should be taken 21 days apart. This is because the 2 different formulae will boost the immune system more, as compared to the same formula administered twice.
  • It has a 91.6% efficacy rate, which is only secnd to USA’S Pfizer & Moderna vaccines

India will get 850 million doses of Sputnik V. However, there will only be limited doses available by the end of this month. There’s no information as to how much it will cost in India. However internationally, it’s price is $10 (Rs. 750).

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