Brown Sugar Or White Sugar: Which One Is Better

by Sweeta Gupta
brown sugar vs white sugar: which one is better

Ever think about which type of sugar is better for your health either brown sugar or white sugar? If so, read on and find out the results of a recent study that analyzed which one is better for your health.

Are you someone who always keep an eye on what you eat? If so, then it is very likely for you to know about the different types of foods including sugar. If not, then you should read this article as it will surely help you.

There are some types of sugar that are considered healthier than others. You will be surprised to know that natural sugar is better than refined sugar and brown sugar is much healthier than white sugar.

What is white sugar?

White sugar is commonly known as granulated sugar. It is also known as table sugar or crystalline sugar. It consists of sucrose, which is a disaccharide containing both glucose and fructose.

This type of sugar has a very sweet taste, which makes it perfect for baking cookies, cakes or pies. White sugar comes in various forms such as little crystals, powder and granulated form (known as caster).

It can be used in many recipes but its main disadvantage is that it can cause tooth decay and increase the risk of getting cavities.

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What is brown sugar?

Brown sugar is a type of sweetener that is known to contain molasses. This is extracted from sugar cane or sugar beet.

Brown sugar has been refined but it still contains a certain amount of molasses, which means that it still contains some minerals and vitamins derived from the sugar cane or beet plant.

This type of sugar can be used in many recipes such as cookies, cakes, pies, candies and breads. It is also perfect for making tea or coffee as it helps bring out the flavor.

Brown sugar can also be used to make ice cream and caramel. Brown sugar may contain other ingredients such as corn syrup solids, invert sugars or dextrose (which are added so that the brown color can last longer).

What is the difference between brown sugar or white sugar?

brown sugar or white sugar which one is better type of sugar natural sugar

Brown sugar and white sugar are both types of sugar which are made from either sugar cane or beets.

However, brown sugar is considered a form of refined sugar as it contains molasses derived from the original plant. White sugar, on the other hand, has absolutely no molasses content.

Each type of sugar lacks vital nutrients that your body needs. For example, brown sugars, as described above can provide some minerals and vitamins while white sugars can cause tooth decay and increase the risk of getting cavities.

Which one is better?

Generally, brown sugar and white sugar are almost the same when it comes to the amount of calories they contain.

However, white sugar is known to quickly increase your blood sugar level, which means that it will not last any longer than regular sugars. This can cause you to feel hungry all the time as the body will demand more of this type of sugar.

On the other hand, brown sugar takes longer to be dissolved into blood glucose levels.

Therefore, if you want something that can last longer and satisfy your craving for a sweet taste without you having a sudden urge for more food then brown sugar could be better for you.

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Which one should you use in your recipes?

It is said that whenever you bake something, the type of sugar you use to mix with the leavening agent will greatly affect the taste of your final product.

For example, brown sugar will give a more dense and moist baked good while white sugar can be used, for example, in cakes or when making some cookies with a delicate flavor.

This is why it is recommended to use the same type of sugar whenever you bake something. This is also the reason why some recipes say that it would be better if you use brown sugar while some others say white sugar.

The truth is that both types of sugars have their own ingredient list and each one will serve a different kind of purpose in baking your cakes or cookies.

However, in all recipes, regardless of whether they are for coffee cake or regular vanilla cake, brown sugar will create a sweeter taste compared to white sugar.

So now we know what type of sugars work better in certain recipes and for our bodies.