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Tone your back fat with these 4 Yogasanas

by Shatakshi Gupta

Most individuals use exercise, yoga, and other methods to lose belly fat, extra fat in the arms, and other areas of the body, but there is one area of the body where fat loss is very challenging. We’re talking about back fat here.

 You can readily lose weight from your arms, legs, double chin, or belly, but losing weight from your back takes longer, making it more difficult. If you have fat on your back and want to remove it, you may do it with the aid of yoga. With some simple yoga asanas, you can get your body in shape. You only need to devote five minutes to these yogasanas on a regular basis.

Padahastasana( Hand under foot pose)

Padahastasana requires you to stand tall on your feet and maintain your hands along your body. Take a deep breath in and raise your hands above your head. Exhale and bend forward with your knees and arms straight, maintaining your spine straight. Clasp your ankles or place your hands on the floor.

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

Lie down on your stomach to perform this asana. Bend the knees and use your palms to support the ankles. Then, as much as possible, elevate both the legs and arms upwards. Stay in this position, looking up, for a while. After that, return to your previous position.

Markat Asana(Monkey pose)

 To perform this asana, lie down on your back with both hands below your waist. By connecting both legs, bend at the knees. Rest the feet on the ground on the right side while twisting the lower part of the body from the waist. The head is retained in the opposite way in this position. The timing should be extended from 10 to 20 seconds when beginning this asana.

Rajkapotasna (King Pigeon pose)

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Take a seat on the ground. Knees, hips, and both hands should all be slightly forward of the shoulder line. Then shift your weight to your right leg and lift and move your left leg rearward, as well as straighten it from behind. Now, while bending the left knee, balance your weight on both feet. Following that, you’ll reach the left knee and right paw. Then, while exhaling, take a deep breath and raise the straight arm, bend the elbow, and grip the left leg. Then, holding the leg with your left hand, try to elevate your chest and bend your neck backwards. Stay in this position for 15-20 seconds while breathing normally, then exhale normally.