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Weight loss exercise app

Losing weight can be a cumbersome experience if you are fighting it alone. A supportive partner or group can do wonders by keeping you motivated and charged. However, with our busy lifestyles it becomes difficult to find someone who can provide a little backing. Here comes the relevance of weight loss apps which act like your partners in keeping a record of all your activities and calorie intake and guiding you to a healthy and fit life.

These weight loss apps are easy to use and can help you shed the extra weight easily. Here is a list of weight loss exercise apps that will help you with working out:

  • SparkPeople – A user friendly app that helps to track your daily meals, weight and exercise. It gives you access to their exercise demo component which has photos and descriptions of many exercises. It has a point system that get added as you achieve your goals for motivation.

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  • Interval Timer – This app keeps a clock timer in between your high intensity interval training. It allows you to program the timer to match your workout so you don’t have to worry about counting the seconds on the clock. Instead, all you have to do it plug in your earbuds and stop every time the phone buzzes.
  • Aaptiv – This app has on demand audio classes where the voice of a trainer will guide you through a fitness studio-style session with music that’s tailored to a wide variety of workouts. Whatever fitness vibes you’re feeling, Aaptiv has something for you.

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  • Fitbit – This is a wearable fitness tracker which keeps a log of your physical activity throughout the day like number of steps taken, miles walked, stairs climbed and heart rate. You can also keep a record of your food and water intake, sleep cycle and weight goals.
  • Studio – This app is for runners and it delivers audio-based group running classes with instructors and playlists. You can compete in real-time on the leaderboard against runners from across the world with the opportunity to earn prizes through an in-app reward system called Fitcoin.

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  • Pact – This is a weight loss exercise app with a money tag attached. When you sign up for Pact, you choose a specific amount of money to pay out to other members if you don’t reach your goals by the end of the week. If you do reach your goals, you receive a cash reward that is paid for by members who missed their goals. There are 3 types of pacts you can commit to- gym pact, veggie pact and food logging pact. Met goals are “verified” by the Pact community after they’ve seen photos of your meals or by ensuring you’ve filled out your workout or food log.

These weight loss exercise apps are designed to make losing weight the healthy way.