These Tips To Your Diet Chart For Fitness

by Mahima
Diet Chart For Fitness

You’ve always wanted that lean and slim well-toned body that is the talk of the town. You like to go for your workout regularly and you try and stick to it. But the minute you look at food, you just drool and can’t keep yourself from gorging on all that lovely food. Fitness requires a dedicated frame of mind that screams fighting fit. A fitness diet needs to be followed strictly to avoid deviating from the task of losing weight and keeping fit.

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Here are some healthcare tips that actually work and help you keep fit:

  • Hydrate yourself – Have lots of water to keep yourself hydrated and energized.
  • Balanced diet – Make sure your meal comprises of all the elements from carbs, proteins, fats, minerals etc. The proper quantity of food at a proper time with the proper amount of nutrition can save your day and prepare you for another day coming.
  • Make wise diet choices – Be sure of what to eat and what not to. Eating less is not the key buy taking short meals on intervals in the game changer.
  • Breakfast – Do not skip breakfast. Eat 2 pcs of solid brown bread/Roti or Phulka mix veg or rice flakes with sour tasted curd 1 sweet Banana or 2 pcs of Idli /1 pc plain Dosa. You can add 1 egg, 200 ml double-toned/skim milk. Have milk before or after breakfast.




  • Mid-day snack – Add atleast a fruit to your mid-day snack. A soup can also be added to your diet.

Mid day snack

  • Lunch – if you are a vegetarian make sure you add lots of pulses, cottage cheese to your diet. If you’re a non vegetarian add lean meats to get a fill on proteins and carbs.


  • Evening snack – Have something light around 6 in the evening. You can have poha/ porridge/ cornflakes/ rice flakes with curd or some tea and biscuits.

Evening snack

  • Dinner – Should ideally consist of Chapati 3-4 pcs or 2 pcs roti 50 gm rice same balance pulses 25 gm soupy 1 serving mix veg any high quality protein preparation like egg/fish & vegetables.


  • Fruits – Add lots of fruits to your diet. Eat them as whole or in salads.
  • Avoid junk food and very spicy, high sodium foods as they can do more harm to your fitness than anything else.

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Adding these tips to your diet chart for fitness will do wonders for you and your mind. While fitness not only keeps the body fit but also keeps the mind stress free.