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How monsoon is harmful to our eyes? Tips to protect

by Shatakshi Gupta

After the oppressive heat in the Indian subcontinent between April and June, the monsoon is a welcome relief. Rain causes the temperature to fall, which naturally improves our mood. However, the monsoon season is seen as being similarly difficult in terms of health. The danger of numerous illnesses and infections rises in the rain as the humidity and stench of the environment both rise. In many ways, this season can exacerbate issues with the skin, kidneys, stomach, and eyes.

Health professionals advise not to overlook your eye health at all during the monsoon season since eye infection can be a serious ailment. When a virus infects the eyeball, cornea, or conjunctiva, it results in an eye infection. Special safeguards are required for this. In this article, we’ll explore monsoon-related eye issues and tips to avoid them.

What do experts advice?

Due to the increased humidity in the air during the monsoon, experts warn that many different viruses and bacteria are more likely to spread. Any negligence at this time can cause conjunctivitis, scorching redness, itching, and, in certain circumstances, long-term problems with the eyes. Constant eye care is required to prevent such issues. Following are some tips to follow during this season.

Avoid sharing your personal items

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Don’t lend out your personal goods, such as towels and pillows, to avoid eye infection with anyone. These items come into close contact with the eyes, raising the possibility of infection. Likewise, refrain from needlessly touching or rubbing your eyes. Use clean tissue or handkerchief to dab at irritated or watery eyes. After that, wash your hands.

Avoid using cosmetics

In cases of eye infection, inflammation, or itching, refrain from applying makeup or cosmetics to the eyes. This could aggravate the irritation or the redness. The harsh chemicals and gritty components in cosmetics can make your problems worse because your eyes are also vulnerable to some things. Wash your eyes occasionally with cold, clean water during the monsoon.

Contact lenses are not advisable

Wearing contact lenses while your eyes are red or watery is not advised. Infection and irritation risks can both rise as a result of this. If rainwater gets in the eyes, flush it out right away with fresh water.

Seek medical advice

Immediately call your doctor if you experience any irritation in your eyes during the monsoon. At this time of year, viral eye infections are particularly common. As a result, people frequently become anxious and begin taking medications on their own, but doing so can make your problems worse. Without consulting a doctor, never use eye drops or any type of medication.