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meditation for kids

Mindfulness has a very important role to play in the growing years of an individual. Childhood is all about absorbing the good and the bad and developing sensibilities to decide between the two. Teenage and childhood years become the cornerstone of our lives as adults. Children lead a much unbiased life and it is the guidance and the experience that we share as adults with our kids that teaches them about life. It helps to develop their personalities and characters.

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A life without worries, responsibilities, pain, just playful activities and joy that is the beauty of childhood. So much so that the early years of your life determine the next eighty!! The demanding lives in today’s time have left a mark on the children as well. The stressors are affecting kids too. From doing well in school and sports to securing a formidable future is troubling young minds.

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It is here that meditation comes into play. Meditation for kids is vital at a young age. Doctors globally encourage parents to meditate with their kids. The ultimate dream of any parent is to have kids who are happy, healthy and content individuals. As parents our effort should be aimed at providing a calm environment where sharing and caring comes naturally.

Kids are exposed to many challenging situations in the present times:

  • Pressure from peers and from the school.
  • Performance anxiety with respect to studies and sports.
  • Difficulty in concentrating.
  • Building relationships with others that are healthy.
  • Low self-worth and confidence.
  • Difficulty in managing emotions like anger, disillusionment, frustration etc.
  • Most importantly these problems have been intensified by social media and the constant exposure due to media content both online and offline.

All these issues manifest themselves in some form or other and affect our kids personality. Meditation gives the children means to deal with emotional challenges and grow to be healthy, mature and happy persons. Meditation helps to calm the child, it helps to promote better behavior. Kids are able to concentrate more, focus improves and they settle down much easily. As the stress decreases the kids are able to perform better academically and in sports too. Meditation in kids also encourages good psychological make up and lesser cases of depression.

Dalai Lama says “If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”