शेयर करें
Yoga at home

The practice to keep the mind, body in complete harmony and at peace is the ultimate goal of yoga. A centuries old practice Yoga has been known to be extremely beneficial for the health and well-being of people who practice it regularly. Yoga should be done under the guidance of a yoga instructor. An instructor helps to do the asanas correctly, follow the correct posture and breathing technique to gain the maximum benefit from yoga.

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Many a times, it becomes difficult to go for yoga classes at a center near you. At times like these following a strict yoga practice at home comes in handy as it supports your physical and mental health as well.


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Here are a few tips to know for you to start yoga at home:

  1. Research and preparation – Read about yoga asanas, benefits and styles. Go through images to learn the correct posture. Get comfortable clothes, a good yoga mat and a good spot to practice yoga. Do not eat anything 4 hours prior to doing yoga.
  2. Find a quiet spot for yoga – A well-lit and ventilated spot in the house is ideal for doing yoga. It has to be serene and spacious to do the asanas comfortably.
  3. Yoga clothing – Relaxed clothes which are a little loose is great for yoga as they let you breathe and also absorb the sweat.
  4. Set attainable goals – Formulate fitness goals for yourself. These should be specific and achievable and can be attained in a specific time frame.
  5. Practice regularly – Decide on a time that best suits your time to practice yoga. It can be early morning or evening. 20 minutes in a day is sufficient.
  6. Do not get distracted – Focus on practicing yoga and avoid getting distracted by anything like phone calls etc.
  7. Start with the basics – Start with yoga for beginners, with asanas that are basic seated postures and stretches. Get familiar and comfortable with basics first and then move forward.
  8. Start with a warm up – A warm up before you start with yoga is imperative as it prepares the body for the routine ahead and protects from injuries.
  9. Practice yoga on an empty stomach – Avoid doing yoga immediately after a meal. A gap of 4 hours after a meal is a must, before you start yoga.
  10. Breathe correctly – This is the most important aspect of yoga. You should hold your breath only when specified. Learn the right breathing technique.
  11. Go slow – It is vital to not rush through yoga as it is meant to nourish your mind and soul. Give your body sufficient time to adjust to yoga.
  12. Cooling down – It is crucial to cool down after a session of yoga as it calms the muscles down. End your yoga session with Savasana as it restores breathing and calms the blood circulation.

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These tips will help you to practice yoga at home. Though it is always advised to go slow and in case of any unexplained aches or pains consult a doctor immediately.