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Yoga For Vertigo

by Madhushree Ghosh

Dealing with vertigo is not easy, as it is one of the worst experiences to have for anyone. Vertigo is a feeling that destroys our normal senses and makes us dizzy with some other chronic health issues. Getting unwanted dizziness could seem normal in pregnancy, but not in normal time.

The more dangerous part of vertigo is the growing head issues which often come after the dizziness. Sensation, feeling of head-spinning, misbalance, blackout, disturbance in the stability of brain, etc. are some of those signs we often get in vertigo, after the primary stage. Unfortunately, there no such particular medication has found to cure this issue entirely, but yoga is that one category, which helps us immensely in dealing with this serious issue. It has been noticed that the regular practice of yoga could help us spectacularly to treat the symptoms of vertigo expertly. Yoga poses, which are immensely effective in this attempt are-


Halasana, which is also known as Plow Pose, is one great pose to fight the signs of vertigo and eliminates the possibilities of this dangerous illness efficiently. In this pose, you need to lift your legs and back off the ground over your head with a front body bend along with stretching your arms in the other direction.

Salamba Sirsasana:

This pose is also known as a supported headstand, in which, you need to lift your entire body upon the strength of your head and elbows by making the upside-down. Keep your legs join with each other straight throughout the pose and practice it daily to soother your nerves system optimistically to fight vertigo.


This yoga posture is also known as seated forward bend and considered one of the most effective poses for treating vertigo. In this pose, you need to sit on your hips first, stretch your leg extended forward and keep the feet touch with each other. Now, bend your torso over your legs, place your head over your thighs, and try to hold the feet with your palms keeping the legs straight.


Shavasana or corpse pose is one of the easiest yoga postures to deal with the symptoms of vertigo. In this pose, you need to practice a pose like resting or lying on the bed over your yoga mat. Keep your hands and legs relaxed like a sleeping posture and meditate calmly during this time.

Viparita Karani:

Viparita Karani or Legs-up-Wall is an intensely effective yoga pose for curing vertigo symptoms while practicing regularly. In this pose, you need to lift your legs on the support of a wall keep your torso parallel on the floor and hands stretched-out over your head, keeping the palms facing upwards.

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