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Yoga accessories that are a must

by Mahima
Yoga accessories

Yoga has become a way of life for many all across the globe. It has become the uber religion that cuts across race, color and creed. An ancient practice that started in India centuries ago, Yoga is the most versatile form of exercise that keeps you calm and fit at the same time. World over yoga is being promoted to help achieve a tranquil state of mind. United Nations has declared 21st June at international yoga day.

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Like any other fitness régime, yoga also has its bucket list. Listed below are yoga accessories that are a must:

  • Yoga Mat – a good quality yoga mat has to be sticky and should not skid so as to allow you to do your asanas safely.

  • Yoga towel – like a yoga mat, the yoga towel provides an eco friendly option for the mat. When yoga gets strenuous and sweaty a yoga towel is a must have.

Yoga towel

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  • Yoga bag helps to carry all your yoga accessories easily. These come in all shapes and sizes and colors.
  • Yoga mat strap to hold your yoga mat securely.
  • Yoga hand towel is a definite necessity especially during sweaty sessions.
  • Yoga blocks are props that help you to lengthen, extend, soften an deepen all your yoga asanas.
  • Yoga strap can help make yoga postures more accessible without giving an injury.
  • Yoga blanket gives cushion, comfort and support.
  • Yoga bolster is used for prenatal, restorative or yin yoga sessions and provides comfort while doing yoga.
  • Yoga mat cleaner is also a must have as it is important to maintain hygiene. Investing in a good mat cleaner will ensure that you have a germ free mat and will help it last longer.


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These yoga accessories are a must have in your yoga schedule.

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