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World Cancer Day 2021: A Call-to-Arms against Suffering

by Shoubhik Sen
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W.H.O data says that Cancer claims around 1 lives worldwide, every minute. Most of these are preventable & thus, we observe WORLD CANCER DAY. Celebrated on 4th February every year, it’s an opportunity to rally the international community to raise awareness on this deadly life taker.

Organized by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), the awareness aspect focuses on increasing cancer detection, prevention and treatment. This also is a step towards fulfilling the goals of the World Cancer Declaration (2008).

W.C.D 2021 THEME

Every year, a theme is selected to highlight the resolve this day has taken. This theme reflects the sentiment and emotion behind it. Thus suitably, this year’s theme says “I can, We can”.

This is a message of positivism that needs to be adopted by all. It acknowledges that everyone has the capacity to address the cancer burden ans thus, work together to eradicate this. As the theme says, anyone, whether it’s me or you, can overcome barriers to achieve W.C.D’s aims of early detection, prevention and treatment. All this will ultimately enhance our efforts to ultimately reduce premature deaths caused by cancer.

Such a step starting from cancer can eventually reach out to other deadly Non-communicable diseases as well. In short, theme is a way to make a statement with minimal words.


The World Cancer Day every year is organized by this body. A glimpse of what it’s about, can be visible from this quote on their website: –

“We unite and support the cancer community to reduce the global cancer burden, to promote greater equity, and to ensure that cancer control continues to be a priority in the world health and development agenda.”

Union for International Cancer Control

It’s not your average international government body. The U.I.C.C consists of health ministers from around the world, along with major cancer societies, experts, researchers and over 50 strategic partners from around the world. It has a number of organizations working under it’s wing: –

  1. INTERNATIONAL CANCER CONTROL PARTNERSHIP: A group of international organisations engaged in cancer control planning efforts. Thus, the main focus is efforts towards prevention of cancer. It provides cancer control plans, technical help and database on related topics.
  2. McABE CENTER FOR LAW & CANCER: A world free from preventable cancers and in which all people affected by cancer have equitable access to safe, effective and affordable cancer treatment and care. This is what their mission is. Thus, they promote the effective use of law for the prevention and control of cancer and other NCDs by building knowledge, expertise, capacity and networks at global, regional and domestic levels.
  3. CITY CANCER CHALLENGE FOUNDATION:  It supports cities around the world as they work to improve access to equitable, quality cancer care. Thus, their focus is on ensuring access to quality cancer care in cities around the world.
  4. N.C.D ALLIANCE: It maintains strategic relations with the WHO, UN and governments putting it at the forefront of elevating NCDs onto the global health and development agenda. Consequently, it also leads on a variety of initiatives and in-depth tailored programmes to develop civil society capacity to deliver progress on NCD prevention and control.


As mentioned above, Cancer is one of the deadliest medical phenomenon, which claims around 17 lives per minute worldwide (W.H.O Data). Cancer’s importance has risen especially in the 21st century. Additionally, Cancer is such a phenomenon that it always is one step ahead. In this case, it means that despite numerous medical advancements and new findings, the number of strains and types of Cancer are also rising. Consequently, these have led to a rise in overall cases too.

Secondly, there’s still a need for awareness on the various types of cancer. This is evident from the fact that COLON CANCER which killed 2 great celebrities, was a cancer not many were aware of. Consequently what happens is a lack of idea about the treatment as well. There are still more than a 100 types and sub-types of cancer that people have to be made aware about. WORLD CANCER DAY is a great way to kick start this mission.

Thus, our fight against cancer will have to continue. We need constant updates on new information about this disease so that we can reduce the number of cases worldwide.


Paris in recent years, has been the site of many historic agreements; one of them being this. U.I.C.C started a great resolve in 4th Feb 2000, when it came out with WORLD CANCER DAY in the World Summit Against Cancer for the New Millennium. This movement will go a long way in raising awareness and promoting research.

Consequently, it will mobilize the international community towards improving services and thus, go a long way in preventing Cancer. The more we know, the more progress we can make in reducing risk factors, increasing prevention and improving cancer diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and care.