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Week Workout Plan : Breakdown of what to do Each Day

by Puja
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  • Monday – Strength training Workout for Upper Body
  • Tuesday – Strength training Workout for Lower Body
  • Wednesday – Low-impact activity like Swimming, Cycling and Yoga
  • Thursday – High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T)
  • Friday – Strength Training Workout for the whole body
  • Saturday – Cardio Workout
  • Sunday – Rest Day

In the fast-paced world, everyone is busy and thus, don’t get time to take care of themselves. Everyone is engrossed in earning so much that they tend to forget that health is the actual wealth. Due to this hectic schedule, everyone is bound to lead an unhealthy and improper lifestyle. Eventually, their health deteriorates which becomes the cause of frustration. Thus, what you need is a WEEKLY WORKOUT PLAN.

For a good and healthy life, you should eat clean, take proper sleep and exercise regularly. Even if you have no intentions to build muscles or become lean, you should keep exercises and workouts as part of your daily routine. You can do your exercises or workouts at the gym or at home. No matter, wherever you do it make sure you maintain the consistency.

There are various kinds of workouts, which you can try as per your convenience. However, you should make a proper plan of the workouts that you intend to follow every week. Having a plan makes it easier as you can just follow it and achieve your fitness goal. If you are a beginner, you should choose workouts that are convenient for you and with time, you can jump forward to the tough ones.

Thus, a perfect workout plan will motivate you everyday and you will not have to skip your workout sessions.

The below mentioned work out plan will give you clear idea of how to plan your workout effectively.

Monday – Strength training Workout for Upper Body

Strength training can make an instant impact on our health and it is one of the vital parts of a weekly workout plan. Barbells and dumbbell do look overwhelming; however, they help to increase the bone strength, build lean muscle and save you from injury.

Dumbbell Workout is the best for upper body strength

You can try various dumbbell workouts for your upper body like bench press, dumbbell press, triceps dips, bicep curls and many others. You can even introduce H.I.I.T(High-Intensity Interval Training) in your upper body-training schedule. Make sure you change our strength routine every four weeks to see better results.

Tuesday – Strength training Workout for Lower Body

The thumb rule is that you should allow 48 hours of recovery time to our body before you train the same muscle group. If you train the same muscle group before 48 hours, there are chances of developing microscopic tears in the muscles, which in turn can grow inflammation. Thus, when you need the time to repair the muscles of the upper body, you can focus on the strength training of your lower body.

You can perform various workouts that target the muscles of your lower body. Some of them are balanced squat, sidekick, hinging dead lift, hip raise, lunge and many more. Additionally, you can try doing them with dumbbells and resistance bands.

Wednesday – Low-impact activity like Swimming, Cycling and Yoga

Nobody likes to perform the same activity every day. Thus, if you feel bored and tired of performing the workouts with weights on the first two days of the week, you can go for some low-impact activities on the third day. When you perform low-impact activities after a high impact day, you will allow your muscles to recover before you lift the heavy weights again.

Yoga, swimming or cycling can be done as it they are great ways to burn a good amount of calorie from your body. Apart from weight loss, yoga can be practiced as a stress buster and enhance concentration power.

Thursday – High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T)

To bring in variation to your workout structure, you can perform H.I.I.T on Thursdays. H.I.I.Ts are fast-paced workouts that can be done in quickly. Firstly, it consumes less amount of time. Secondly, it provides similar health benefits as the strength training. There are several verities of H.I.I.T, and there are evidences that people who do H.I.I.T training stick to their routine.

You will find various styles of H.I.I.T on the internet. Some of the easy one are dancing, rowing and running. Do them for specific interval of time and you can see results soon. Thus, for a busy individual, H.I.I.T is the perfect way to sweat and stay fit.

Friday – Strength Training Workout for the whole body

In strength training, you should train all the major muscle groups of your body that include core, quads, chest, hamstrings, upper and lower back. You should opt for heavier lifts like dead lift, weighted rowing movements, bench press, squat and hip thrust.

For better health quality, building up your core muscles is essential. You can do planks to strengthen your core muscles. There are various styles of plank and you can try them at home or gym. Increase the duration of plank exercise everyday by 30 seconds.

Saturday – Cardio Workout

It is true that H.I.I.T workout gets all the attention in recent time. The reason behind them is they consume less time and are amazingly efficient. There are tons of benefits of doing H.I.I.T. Steady-state cardio is crucial for your health and it should be a part of your workout schedule every week.

As per the studies, an individual can extend his or her lifespan just by running for two hours a week. Running always deserves a better place in your workout plan and you should include it deliberately. Same is the case for cycling workout. When you perform cycling every week, you can live longer. It also reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Sunday – Rest day

When you are young, you feel unbeatable and ignore the major warning signs from your body. However, this should not be the case while you perform your workouts. If you think of fitness as a lifelong experience, you will have to give your body the required time to recover. When your body is able to recover the tears and strains of the muscles, you will be able to stay longer in the game. Hence, every Sunday should be rest day.


The first months of the workout sessions can be demanding, however, you should NOT back out. Maintain the consistency level and you will definitely be able reach your desired destination. Workouts have several benefits like it increases the level of happiness, indices better sleep quality and boosts up the brainpower.

Workouts should be a crucial part of your everyday schedule. If you want to win, you need to get up every day and prepare your mind for performing the workout. To avoid injury, you can diversify the workouts as per your need. You should try to bring in variety to your workout plan so that you do not get bored to doing the same thing repeatedly.

If you are able to do the workouts continuously, you can improve your overall health and boost up your energy levels.

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