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Workout in Winter

by Sakshi Patkar

Workout is not something that just makes you feel good. It improves your physique, and at the same time your mental strength. Workout is something that upgrades you; workout is something that keeps you going in your life. 

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Lot of people loves to workout in the winter at the same time a lot of people complain of getting cold. Now in this article i will let you know some important points on. 

• why it is important to workout in winter or keep working out in winter ?

• Benefits of exercising in winter

• Best time to exercise in winter?

• Winter workouts that you can do at home.

So let’s begin with question one 


You often have seen people when it’s get cold they start putting excuses not to workout just because of cold, now let me clear those people what if they stop exercising in winter or do not do any workout in winter.

Winter is the season when the atmosphere is cold and heavy at the same time. Our body requirement for fluids like water reduces. And replaced by heavy meals. The moment you start eating heavy meals now you body need more higher metabolism to burn those extra calories. Now if you are not working out or have stopped working out chances are you will gain weight faster than you has lost it. For any weight loss or muscle gain journey it is really important to understand that you need to workout in winter as you do it in summer.


• you will gain weight faster than what you lose it during workouts.

• you metabolism get weak due to cold outside and not working out at the same time.

• continue working out in winters helps your body to fight colds like cough and cold which gets spread during winters.

• you will start feeling lazy because of not working out.


Winter is considered the best season for working out as it is cold outside and you can push yourself harder to get sweat without getting your body fatigue. Winter is considered best for people who are looking to gain muscle whether its male or female. let’s look at how winter workout can help people who are looking to gain muscle mass.

People who are skinny or thin have one often problem that they are hard gainers. The muscle building or gaining some fat for them is tough in summers. Because in summers the excessive heat increase their metabolism to that point that their workouts becomes less effective, due to excessive heat from both outside and inside their muscle gain starts burning and the process of gaining muscle and fat becomes very slow just because their body burns more calories and if they do not complete calorie requirement their body starts losing muscle mass. This is the reason people who are skinny and has fast metabolism lose more weight in summer and the summer workouts proves to be less effective for them.

But the case in winter is different for them as,

• people who are skinny and looking to gain weight, winter workouts are best for them.

• In winter weather is cold and pleasing and is suitable for skinny people, their metabolism is under control and they can gain some weight, muscle mass.

• Also in winter nights are longer, this means a person somehow sleeps a bit longer, in today’s busy world sleeping is the best therapy person can do. So now in winter person recovers very well due to the stress from workout just because he is sleeping more, this ultimately results in better results from workouts. 


People who are overweight, the winter weather which will prove them to add more weight in body if they do not workout. simply because 

• due to cold weather they will drink less and eat more and put on more calories in the body and at the end of the day they will not burn it, then definitely they gonna gain more weight.

• Decrease in metabolism due to cold weather.

Now if you keep working out in winter, you are reducing the chances of gaining weight by burning in calories that you gain while eating. 

Also in winter you will sleep more which results in better hormonal balance and increased metabolism which will ultimately help you to lose more weight and give results from your workout.


It is not specified that any particular time is best for working out whether its winter or summer. 

But the best time could be the early morning just because you are fresh and your hormones are peak and it is the best time to utilise those hormones and put them in workout. 

While if you choose to workout in the evening, your hormones are down, your body is in stress and your workout will not be that effective so it is better to workout in the morning.


While there are different categories workout that you can do at home. If you are short of time and looking for quick calorie burning or muscle building workout then core workout is best for you. You can start your workout with,



One of the best exercises that you can do to lose weight and at the same time develop strength and stability in your gluts, hamstrings and lower back. 

Often you would have feel slightly or more back pain from long sitting, this is because of weakness in lower back and gluts muscle and bridge pose is the best exercise to develop strength and stability in your lower back.

2) jumping jacks 

Jump and jacks, the high metabolic and calorie burning exercise which can show some outstanding results within few weeks. Jumping jack is quite easy to do and can be done at a single room. 

3) plank 

One of the most famous and effective exercises that you can do to reduce belly fat. The benefits of plank are remarkable like it strengthen your shoulder back and abdominal at the same time, while the highest contraction is on abdominal muscle.


If your not able to do plank for longer due to lack of shoulder strength then this exercise is for you. In this exercise you just need your abdominal and not the support of any other muscle group.


Again a great exercise to strengthen your lower back and at the same time targeting those belly fat. Superman can be done just after glute bridge.


One of the best fat burning exercises. Skipping does not require a lot of space and can be even done in a room and the benefits of skipping are unbelievable. You can set target for skipping always starts with small targets and slowly build up to increase your stamina and burn that belly fat.


Yoga and stretching workouts are a great way to build flexibility and mobility in your muscles and joints. Yoga is proved to be very effective in increasing metabolism and burning fat, yoga reduces stress and promotes the important hormone in the body, which results in your body getting in shape with time. 

There are different types of yoga and stretching exercises that you do at home.


Putting in music and enjoying your favourite dance and music at the same time is a great way to workout and have fun at the same time. A half hour of dance can burn more calories than half hour of any other workout. This is one of the best workouts that you can do at home in winters.

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Whether you are working out in the morning or evening, winter or summer all you need to have results is consistency and patience. The above given are best exercise you can do at home if you are not able to go to the gym or outside in winters