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Covid-19 Updates: Where are we in our battle against Corona

by Shoubhik Sen
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Fight Against Covid

History has a pattern, a rather discernible one. In this, a deadly pandemic rattles humanity every 100 years. Now it can be in the form of The Great Plague of Marseille (1720) or The Spanish Flu (1918) or even the HIV/AIDS (1981) pandemic and recently, the Corona or Covid 19 Pandemic.

While we content with this deadly virus, every day brings new updates, sometimes in the form of bad news and sometimes with positive developments. So, let’s have a look at where we currently stand in our battle against Corona.

Cases, Deaths and Spread

News has been on fire from the time many known faces have tested positive. These names include Akshay Kumar, Sachin Tendulkar, Ranbir Kapoor, Aamir Khan and Axar Patel, among others. In fact, according to My Gov Corona Helpdesk, there have been 6,91,597 active cases as of 4th April 2021, with 1,64,623 deaths. Furthermore, Sunday alone saw slightly more than 1 lakh cases.

In Maharashtra alone, the number of cases crossed 50,000. Maharashtra along with Punjab and Odisha is in a worrying situation with no signs of the spread slowing down. Maharashtra also leads in the number of deaths, with more than 200 deaths reported on 4th April. Punjab and Odisha are also not far beyond.

As of 5th April, the number of cases have crossed 16 lakh.

Government’s Steps to Contain Covid-19/Corona

Seeing the rising spread of this deadly virus, governments have started taking necessary precautions.

Covid-19/Corona Safety
  • Many states including Maharashtra, NCR etc have imposed Section 144. This means that a gathering of more than 4 people will now be considered unlawful.
  • According to My Gov Corona Helpdesk, a special drive for Covid-appropriate behaviour will be held from 6-14 April 2021. It will have a special emphasis 100% mask usage, personal hygiene as well as sanitation in public places/workplaces and health facilities.
  • Many states like Maharashtra and Odisha hasve imposed Night Curfew. While the one in Maharashtra extends from 8 AM-7 PM, the one in Odisha is 10 PM- 5 AM
  • Government of India continues with its 2 Gaj ki Doori campaign. The phrase can be see on pubclic transport, TVCs and on social media too.
  • For support, guidance and response to Covid 19 Health queries, Government of India has its 24*7 helpline number 1075.
  • PM Modi also held a high level meeting to review the situation of Covid 19 in the country.

Covid-19 still isn’t over yet and it’s about time we all acknowledge it. We’ll only be able to fight it, if we comply and assist the authorities in their efforts. Thus, it’s an earnest request to maintain social distancing of 6 feet as well as wear a mask. The secret to beating this virus is in unity and precautions.

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